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Published on October 25th, 2018 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


5 Things You Should Do After Getting the Cheapest Airfare to Japan – FlightHub

5 Things You Should Do After Getting the Cheapest Airfare to Japan – FlightHub
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With Japan being isolated from the world for a long time, the country has gained a reputation of being mysterious and eccentric culturally. Nowadays, Japan is one of the leading countries of innovation, economy, and Science & Technology.

Aside from that, Japan managed to preserve most of its cultural heritage along with their development as a country. The “traditional-meets-modern” concept is evident on their architecture, especially in Tokyo, its capital.

Japan has beautiful shrines and castles, together with its traditional houses and villages. The capital city, Tokyo, combine the traditional and the modern with its business districts filled with lots of skyscrapers. Japan is also rich with natural resources and parks, one of them is Mt. Fuji.

It is also the land of anime and cosplaying, where a lot of many people’s favorite cartoons came from.  Japan’s wide variety of delectable food also reached countries worldwide. Ramen, takoyaki, sushi, tempura, sashimi, yakiniku, matcha, and wagyu, are some of the Japanese food you will certainly enjoy.

Aside from that, Japan’s culture is very interesting, especially its people. It is the home of the ninjas –traditional spies, the geisha –traditional hosts, samurais –the traditional swordsmen, and yakuza –the Japanese mafia.

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But after getting the cheapest airfare to Japan what should you do? Here are fun and interesting activities you should experience in the Land of the Rising Sun:

Eat authentic ramen

You should never miss the chance to try and taste the authentic Japanese ramen, especially in the alleys of the busy city of Tokyo. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, but what really stands out on this noodle dish is the broth. Depending on the type of ramen you’re eating, the rich broth boiled either make or break the Japanese specialty. Of course, the classic soy-based Shoyu ramen and the Tantanmen Ramen are must-tries.

Train to be a ninja for a day

If you have watched the series Naruto , or watched the movie, Ninja, you probably know what a ninja is. Ninjas are practitioners of ninjutsu, a martial arts technique from the mountains of Japan mastering the “Art of Stealth” or the “Art of Invisibility.” Most ninjas are skilled spies and special intelligence agents during the medieval Japanese period. You can practice being a ninja at “Ninja ni Mori Akame Sijuhachitaki” a ninja school in Mie prefecture. They will lend you the right clothes and lets you experience a ninja life.

Try out photo booths and Purikura

Japan will always be an interesting quirky country. One thing that is so cool about Japan is their concept of the “Purikura” or a machine where you can take photos of yourself or with your friends and family and turn them into stickers. You can customize the design of the stickers by drawing details and using various filters –basically editing the pictures before printing them. Isn’t this a great way to commemorate your trip in Japan?

Experience otaku culture at Akihabara

Akihabara might be originally the town with the best electronics, but today, it’s popularly known as the otaku district —Akihabara hosts many anime stores where fans can get a hold of various merchandise across all anime genres. From comics, anime DVDs, posters, stickers, and figurines, to even costumes, standees, and life-size pillows are available.

Go shopping at Harajuku’s Takeshita Street

Popularly known as Tokyo’s fashion capital, Harajuku is notorious as the place where a lot of fashion enthusiasts gather to display their outfits or to find opportunities to get scouted by talent scouts from companies. Takeshita Street is bustling with people most of the time, so you’ll easily know where to find it. You can score great fashion pieces, beauty products, accessories in the alleyway. It’s the perfect place for shopping.


Which of these activities are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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