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Air China Review

Air China Review
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Air China Review

Flying has long fascinated men and women. As far back as the middle ages, people like Leonardo da Vinci and other scientists and artists longed and marvelled at the phenomenon of flight. They would observe and try to mimic the flight that they see in nature — among birds and other wind-born animals — and try to devise directions and possibilities to use it for their own purposes.

Flight takes us out of our own zones and encourages us to carve new paths and invent new ways.The more that we are attuned to flight, the more people enjoy it for what it immediately showed to us and to men and women of the past: a way to explore.

More Information About Air China

Air China or “China International Airlines Company” is China’s flag carrier. The airline started on July 1, 1998. Zhiyong Song, aged 50, has been Air China’s President and Executive Director since January 28, 2014. From 2004 to 2006, Song served as an Assistant to the President. He is a graduate of Flying Studies from the Di Er Flying Academy of China Air Force.

Air China CEO Review

In this Air China review, we see that the airline has a fleet size of 342 aircraft and has its main headquarters in Shunyi District, Beijing, China. Its base is in Beijing Capital International Airport. It was on December 12, 2007 that Air China officially entered the Star Alliance network.

In “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2013,” held in Beijing by the World Brand Lab, Air China topped the domestic aviation service sector.

Various Comments from their Customers

Due to its low fare, passengers are enthusiastic about flying with Air China. They find their seats comfortable and say that the dining was good. They particularly love the options of Western and Asian food inflight. Entertainment to them, was sufficient and the service, they feel, was excellent. The crew could speak better English but they proved to be extremely helpful.

Air China crew Review

For this kind, of airline, customers were satisfied with the level of treatment and quality which they received. These people say that they had a great experience with the airline. Overall, customers have a few words of advice for Air China: to improve most of its other services. Mainly however, the comments about it are positive.

Their Official Website

Air China’s website is fine, though a little informal-looking. From here, you can check in online and check your flight status and flight schedule. Booking your flight online can also be accomplished here. Simply click on the links to set up a chauffeured service or prepaid baggage. For more details about changing and refunding your ticket, visit this link.

Their homepage features low airfares and an option to sign up for their Specials newsletter. At the bottom is a Service Bulletin that features recent events and news. The airline offers preferential assistance to certain passengers such as the elderly, families with children, pregnant women, those travelling with pets and others with special needs. On the other hand, PhoenixMiles is their membership rewards program where you can attain discounts and earn further miles.

Their in-flight meals seamlessly combine Western and Asian cuisine. Meals offered throughout the flight include fruit, pastries, beverages and other Chinese specialties. Their air bar meanwhile offers a wide selection of on-air liquor or alcoholic drinks as part of their gourmet dining. You’ll have access to their audio video entertainment system AVOD, numerous films, audio CDs, games and magazines and newspapers.

Air China food ReviewAir China food Review

Most people say that the entertainment could be further enhanced. This is one way that passengers pass their time while on air. Some would want lengthier choices for their leisure. They liked the food however, and commended their staff’s customer service. According to this Air China review, customers would love a repeat of their pleasant flight. They say that it’s a good deal for the price and that they’d recommend it to others.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +810 800 86 100 999
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +86 10 95 583
  • Head Office Address: Xidan Civil Aviation Building:No.15 Chang’an West Street, Beijing, China

What it’s like Flying with Air China

In this Air China review, we see that one of China’s major airlines provides great quality for a reasonable price.

Their website and some of their other services could further benefit from some improvements, as their customers say. However, flying with Air China is relaxing. Over the years, many people had trusted it and they could only encounter more and more positive reviews about it as it progresses. As time passes, Air China can only expand in its important role in the Chinese aviation industry.


Air China Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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