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Air Choice One Reviews

Air Choice One Reviews
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Air Choice One Reviews

Air Choice One logo ReviewsAir Choice One ‘s slogan is Your Personal Service Airline” and they aim to up the ante of their passengers’ overall experience. With a rather disparate airline name, the company could either glide through the skies or remain where it started.

Are they your first choice for an airline? Let’s see based from Air Choice One reviews if they are the one for you.

It Origins

Air Choice One, an American airline based in Concord, Missouri, was founded in 1979 as Multi-Aero Corporation. Hubs are at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) and Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). It operates as a regional airline serving the numerous regional airlines in Essential Air Service (EAS) communities.

They commenced operations in 2010. Their company slogan is “Your Personal Service Airline” and they have a fleet size of 10 aircraft which service 9 destinations. Their official website indicates that they aim to provide a first-class experience to all their commuters.

Air Choice One CEO Reviews

Air Choice One CEO Shane Storz

Mr. Shane Storz is the CEO of Air Choice One Airlines. He was previously one of the company’s chief pilots. SInce his appointment to his position, he had made several changes and improvements to their passenger and cargo operations. Storz was raised in Festus, Missouri. He attended and completed Twin City Christian Academy and the Professional Pilot Program in Vero Beach, Florida. He still lives in Missouri where he enjoys spending time with this family.

What are People Saying?

The testimonials and Air Choice One reviews on their website are illuminating and make them look good, obviously. We must know that these are authentic accounts and their variety, honesty or sincerity give us detailed glimpses into their company’s performance that the rest of their site hints at.

Some Air Choice One reviews recount that they had great experiences with the airline: with their personnel and their efficient boarding procedures. These same people recommend the Air Choice One to others after giving them stellar Air Choice One reviews. Staff of the airline are incredibly composed, keep a cool head under pressure and always treat passengers hospitably and solve their problems with them.

Says Burlington Traveler Linda Marshall, “I think the airline is great!  The planes are very nice and the seats are the most comfortable airplane seats I Air Choice One cabin interiors Reviewshave ever had.  The pilots, gate agents, and people I’ve talked to on the phone are friendly and helpful.”

Their Website’s Appearance

Don’t be too surprised when you see their website for the first time. Whatever design aesthetic they have only makes them distinct no matter how they are received in Air Choice One reviews. Look-wise, it isn’t that beautiful but its simplicity is highly pronounced and makes one concentrate on their core functions. One glance at their page and you are bound to form an opinion and adjust your knowledge about how they are as an airline through their site.

They focus on building rapport with their customers shown through their choice of images. These personal photographs of people raising their arms to their sides like they’re about the take flight has particular resonance with whatever ideal or image their company at Air Choice One wishes to project. Maybe freedom, independence or conquering the world are things that they are thinking of when they chose this particular attitude to decorate their home page.

Interestingly enough, their website has a lot of relevant information contained, especially the ones under each upper tab. You can book your flight immediately upon landing on their page and check your flight status. Conveniently enough, they have engaging Travel Tips and Testimonials. These are incredible for an airline website, especially the latter. Their site is all-comprehensive that makes up for its plain appearance.

For more information, offers and updates about Air Choice One Airlines, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (866) I-FLY-VIP; (866) 435-9847
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 12300 Old Tesson Road, Suite 200 F, Saint Louis, MO 63128

Make Your Choice

Air Choice One airplane ReviewsIt’s up to you whether or not Air Choice One is perfect for you. All you have to do is look at their Air Choice One reviews to see what people have to say about them and thereby be convinced. In my case, I believe that they are to be trusted, considering that most Air Choice One reviews I had encountered were positive.

If you have more to say about this Air Choice One review, kindly leave a comment below.


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