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Air Nostrum Review

Air Nostrum Review
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Air Nostrum Review

Flight brings us many perks and enlivens our existence. It brings us from one place to another in the fastest way now known. For some it has become a large part of their lives. Travelling has become one of their passions. These people seek to expand and push themselves into new directions and find new horizons.

In this Air Nostrum review, we discover an airline that’s the perfect picture of a traveller who performs and expands. For this airline, it’s more than showing quality. It’s about achieving excellence in their various functions.

Where it Started

Air Nostrum is the largest regional airline in Spain. It is also known as Iberia Regional. It was founded on May 23, 1994 as Líneas Aéreas del Mediterraneo. Its CEO since its foundation has been Carlos Bertomeu. He possesses a degree in Business Administration from the University of Valencia. On top of that, he obtained a Master’s from the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid.

Air Nostrum CEO Review

Air Nostrum’s CEO since its foundation in 1994, Carlos Bertomeu

The headquarters of Air Nostrum is in Valencia, Spain. Its main hubs are at the Valencia Airport, Barcelona Airport and Madrid-Barajas Airport.

According to the airline’s official website, the following are its main businesses:

  •       Domestic connection flights to and from Madrid.
  •       International connection flights to and from Madrid.
  •       Niche markets and PSO (Public Service Obligation) flight routes.

The most recent records report that Air Nostrum has 40 aircraft and orders for nearly the same number of 39 more. As of 2013, its staff consisted of 1,500 employees.

It is a five-time recipient of the ERA Airline of the Year Gold Award. It was awarded Bronze in Recognition of Exceptional Performance in all Aspects of Regional Airline Operations, Airline of the Year 2014/2015 by the European Regions Airline Association.

What are People Saying?

As we see in this Air Nostrum review, most of the airline’s passengers reported a positive experience with it. They commend the friendly staff and the punctuality and efficiency of their service. According to them, their seating on the plane were comfortable and tidy. They also appreciated the food and beverages given to them.

Air Nostrum food Review

Air Nostrum service crew Review

The whole trip  to them was one smooth journey. One reviewer says that there is nothing to complain about. Others praise Air Nostrum highly, saying that they “did very well.” Fliers received great quality and positively enjoyed the experience. In fact, most of them readily recommend it to others.

Its Official Website:

As we see in this Air Nostrum review, their website focuses greatly on quality. It displays strong design and organisation all throughout. There are a lot of interesting things to see on their home page. These include News about travel and their airline, information about destinations and sections about Charter Flights, Third Party Maintenance and Aircraft Trading & Leasing. The last three are also to be found on the upper tabs.

As with most airline websites, the flight can be checked at the home page. Their website, according to this Air Nostrum review, contains of a number of additional features that inform you about the airline. You can refer to their General Declaration, Environment and peek into the latest of their Aladierno magazine. It’s a great site to visit and it reflects on the professionality behind their actual airline service. It leaves a positive impression on their users.

Air Nostrum achieved excellent customer service. They serve small snacks such as nuts and bread rolls on short flights which the passengers found highly agreeable. These gestures made them feel welcome and tended to.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +34 96 196 02 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +34 96 196 02 87
  • Head Office Address: Avda Comarques del Pais Valencia 2, Zona Servicio, Aeropuerto de Valencia, Quart de Poblet, 46930 Valencia, Spain


In this Air Nostrum review, the website was a window into the kind of quality that the airline provided. There are no large issues with it. Most comments about it were positive. Their team impresses one with their personable, empathic skills and concentration on perfecting their duties to the airline and their passengers.

Sometimes the details lead to the big picture. This Air Nostrum review suggests that the airline exceeds expectations. It appears to have really deliberated on their own performance and then worked on improving until they reached their current level.

Air Nostrum plane Review

Air Nostrum logo Review

What do you think about this Air Nostrum review? Tell us if you agree.

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