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Airfarewatchdog Review

Airfarewatchdog Review
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Airfarewatchdog Review

Online travel agencies exist for a variety of reasons. They have a lot of functions that help their users get what they are looking for. Travellers often feel that they can benefit from the added assistance that an online travel agency or website can offer to them. This helps them significantly when they make their decision to choose one.

The main factor behind this is the lower price that agencies can have. You cannot see these offers anywhere else. This is what sets them apart and makes them attractive.

In this Airfarewatchdog review, we see that some websites have evolved through time. This Airfarewatchdog review looks at an American-based site that actually uses live airfare staff who are available for further travel help. What does this particular low airfare site offer?

How and Where it Began

Airfarewatchdog is under Smarter Travel Media Network as of March 2008. It was founded by its CEO George Hobica on April 1, 2006. Its base location is Boston, Massachusetts.

Airfarewatchdog CEO Review

Basically, it collects discounted airfares from a variety of sources and uses live agents to help you. It also compares all sorts of travelling packages such as hotels, cars and cruises.

Their staff are trained to assess the best and lowest deals ideal for their customers. Unlike other sites, enlists these airfare analysts who specialise in travel. They are responsible for analysing the value of a travel deal and for getting this to their users.

What People are Saying

Some people feel frustrated when they use They say that they can’t get anything done or that they’d have to fill a lot of information which leads them to having to start over again using another site. The site itself offers low airfares from a large number of airlines but you’d have to book from there as airfarewatchdog doesn’t offer this service. Their website has been described as “cluttered.”

According to this Airfarewatchdog review, they send a lot of alerts and e-mails to their subscribers. The notifications that they give out sometimes can’t be found. This defeats the purpose of using their site. Others give up and say that they could do better using other options.

A Look at its Website

There’s a lot of free space on their website but all in all, it looks fine. The site does not allow you to actually book but you can be lead to links therein where you can.

They have useful information such as Airline route maps and Airline Information included in one of its drop-down menus. Another highlight is its Travel Blog which is remarkably detailed and informative. It contains Most Recent sections, the Latest Fare Deals and the Most Popular articles.

They focus on showcasing the best fares. They have a list of the Top 50 Fares included. You can search for your deal using the flexible date search. Searching for a flight or a hotel is easy using their search engine. You can opt to have low fare alerts or weekly e-mails from SmarterTravel sent to you.

Airfarewatchdog answers e-mails but does not entertain phone calls. They have an iPhone app that has access to “all” airline fares and has generally good reviews. One app reviewer says that she loves that you could compare the travel sites using the app. This app function is also one of Airfarewatchdog’s key tenets.

air 50Airfarewatchdog app Review

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 212-929-0005
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 617-886-5501
  • Head Office Address: 70 Battery Pl # 504, New York, NY 10280, United States

Words of Conclusion

This Airfarewatchdog review previewed an interesting take on the online travel website. Since it uses live travel agents, more feedback could be searched on how these particular staff operate. Most customer reviews, however, have said that the site was great and worked well for them.

Airfarewatchdog has access to all airline airfares and gets good discounts from them. Sometimes however, when they are finally sent as alerts, they cannot be found. The deals that they offer aren’t always the best ones available. Their website, according to some, has way too many advertisements.

Airfarewatchdog airfare deal Review

Overall it can be confusing but this Airfarewatchdog review sees that the site still maintains its strong points. With the real help of a professional, you can be assured that you’ll get a travel deal you can’t find elsewhere.


Airfarewatchdog Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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4 Responses to Airfarewatchdog Review

  1. Alan E. says:

    From what I read so far, sounds promising, much better than other agency websites. I just might try this one out.

  2. Emily D. 06 says:

    This site could really benefit from an upgrade. And their customer service too. This site should see overall improvements.

  3. Krystal Joy Albano says:

    If you’ve seen their website, it’s like the most unprofessional thing ever and unfinished,. I want to see improvements for sure.

  4. Tom R. says:

    You still want to try this website out Alan? You guys should steer clear from trusting too muc h on anything online, especially with something as big as travel. It’s just too risky, and this site in particular looks troublesome.

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