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AirGorilla Reviews

AirGorilla Reviews
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AirGorilla Reviews

AirGorilla logo ReviewsIn these AirGorilla reviews, we take a look at a travel website,, that helps its customers secure low fares and rates on services while offering their own slew of special features. Their etymology is a mystery but they are perceived either in a positive or negative light because of their name. The majesty and strength of a gorilla in its element may be cause for its admiration or the name may be an indicator for being unserious.

A Brief Look at its Past

AirGorilla is a travel services website founded back in February 2001. Based in the California area, they’re officially registered as AirGorilla LLC. They mainly offer “hotel, cruise, vacation, and car rental” service to their customers aiming primarily to give the lowest air fares through their combination of discounted and published rates.  John Garrett is AirGorilla’s owner and CEO.

This Internet service turns another leaf and acquires consolidator airfares — traditionally not used by the rest as they are more complicated to deal with and involve multi-partner companies and could be international in scope. The distinctiveness that this cheeky travel website possesses in terms of its approach to the business is certainly admirable. Not to mention the sheer number of features and special functions that you can access through them such as travel maps and advisories, rail and hostel search and access and flight tracker.

Check out their Website:

AirGorilla website ReviewsYou don’t need much background based from available AirGorilla reviews to be rather dismayed by the confusion you’d feel from landing on their page. Since it’s all sequestered to the left side of the page with a large blue blank right hand portion, the experience can get unsettling.

If you want them to be redeemed with a reason for laying their website this way, you won’t find it, their site is infuriating to use and it is unpleasant to look at, They try to make a statement with this bizarre design to reflect their hip, trendy personality but the left portion is nothing new. It lacks in positive appeal, whereas customers who had tried and tested its actual services can, through AirGorilla reviews, have something else to say about their website and other things about them.

They have the usual search engine above. They also have nifty Travel Tools: Flight Confirmation, Travel Protection and Travel Utilities among others. AirGorilla discount ReviewsAside from an extensive list of their flights and hotels to several key places, Featured Destinations is also readily and easily available. Other than that, they have a blog which has some quirky travel-related topics and interesting information from worldwide sources.

More about Where and How it Came About

As we could foresee from viewing their official website at airgorilla,com, their site was described by visitors as being “clunky.” Their systems took some time to load though says that their interface is “easy-to-use.” Despite this, it would be better to use another travel website for your purposes as AirGorilla in service isn’t very good. If you want an efficient procedure they are not your first choice.

Cancellations with them are tricky and the AirGorilla reviews pertaining to this are so grave as to be immensely influential to readers. Others even side commented on their name, saying that they’re not to be taken too seriously in the industry.

If they continue with their questionable service and maintain their discouraging website, everyone else will think that they are not dealing with something legitimate.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact Number: Toll Free 888-308-0854; Outside the USA +1-858-836-8982.
  • Head Office Address:  114 C Avenue 206, Coronado, CA 92118

A Last Glance

Their service is not all bad yet AirGorilla reviews only confirm our suspicions about them. Most would not like the overly happy-sounding name, they tend not to take it too seriously. This may be the first of its many key blunders. Their website is unproductive and unappealing and they could benefit AirGorilla bannerReviewsfrom giving their customers the best service which they, after all, described themselves as concentrating on.

Kindly leave any comments you have about AirGorilla reviews below.


AirGorilla Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Josh says:

    I;d love to see for myself how bad or GOOD their website is. Thanks for showing me this all important point, Flightswatcher.

  2. John L. says:

    Air Gorilla: gorilla like it doesn’t take things seriously, I’ve checked out their site and I don’t get any of it. They better not be like this everywhere else. It’s just confusing. And how can you take them seriously with a name like that?

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