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AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks Reviews
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AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks logo ReviewsTrekking the skies is a wonderful idea behind the name AirTreks. In these AirTreks reviews, we shall look further into the company that offers its customers cheap airfare using a unique system and technology.

With the airs beneath their radar, they promise to scour the expanses to detect the perfect deals for their clients. Their ideals and promises lead us to their inner advocacies in the industry and showcase their distinctive branding.

What More About AirTreks?

Airtreks is a global leader in low and efficient airfare using their special technology. Their system allows one to choose even more than one destination and then displays the final price estimate. They are accredited by IATA.

They stress that their strategy and technology are what enable them to come up with the results which cannot be seen from other means such as another agency or a website. Their personal travel experts know the ins and outs of the industry, offering you capable service to get the air tickets, routes and airlines you plan for.

AirTreks CEO Reviews

AirTreks CEO Sean Keener

At the very bottom of their web page is this: “ is a registered trademark of AirTreks International, LLC.

AirTreks International, LLC is owned and operated by Bootsnall Travel Network, LLC a Washington Corporation.”

Since Sean Keener is the CEO of Bootsnall, he is also the CEO of AirTreks since the two companies had merged in December 2013. He was born in 1973 and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a degree in General Studies from the Northern Illinois University.

Other People’s Comments

Many people online would vouch that this service, in their AirTreks reviews, is reliable and makes for a smooth planning experience. Their staff were described as being “knowledgeable” and accommodating who were also flexible enough to adjust and use their customers’ needs and translate this into a working model. Their protective policy of having no additional fees when you change a booking fares well in their favour. Some AirTreks reviews extol this virtue of the company.

On the negative side of AirTreks reviews, they, curiously enough, do not divulge the details of some one reviewer’s trip. He found this odd and an”awkward” practice.

AirTreks website ReviewsTrekking Through their Website

Their website doesn’t really offer much new information. However, I feel that it is an efficient way to create a website, it is simple and has the right amount of colour to it, this time being a vivid, lively red and black superimposed with attractive white text.

The actual content may be a source of confusion to its viewers though. All throughout the website, they are shown in varying sizes and hues, and this hasn’t been deliberated in the way that it would serve a purpose. These lines of text are very informative though and are engaging. A significant portion of the site is filled with a lot of blocks of text which one can look into to be more informed about what AirTreks promises or what people have to say about it in AirTreks reviews.

Their blog is as fine and polished in quality as the rest of the site. Articles are fairly regular appearing and all of them hold interest to the reader. Meanwhile, here is a link to their FAQs page.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-877-AIR-TREKS (1-877-247-8735)
  • Fax Number: +1-415-977-7150
  • Head Office Address: 7 Spring St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

Concluding Words

I believe that this service is a wonderful one with average AirTreks reviews. The positive AirTreks reviews convince us that some aspects of their service such as excellent customer care and professionalism are good reasons why we should try them. Their attention to detail and good design are other reasons.

What do you think of this AirTreks review? Tell us here.


AirTreks Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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2 Responses to AirTreks Reviews

  1. Chase H. says:

    Fairly good, I think. But not too great. I still don’t like some aspects of their service, their website for one comes across as rather bizarre. The last one was actually rather impressive but it looked weird.

  2. Robin Flescher says:

    Why would they not divulge someone else’s trip details? Is anything wrong that they are trying to hide? Sounds fishy. How could you trust them?

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