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Alaska Central Express Reviews

Alaska Central Express Reviews
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Alaska Central Express Reviews

Alaska Central Express logo ReviewsWhat do people know of Alaska? It’s in the north of Canada and is sparingly populated to an extent that one can go seemingly endless miles meeting a variety of townspeople on with their daily tasks or the native animals haunting the landscape’s vicinities.

These Alaska Central Express reviews focus on an airline’s specifics, as opposed to how people usually think of it. Our ideas about Alaska and how they run things will put to light how Alaska Central Express itself operates.

Background Information

Alaska Central Express logo 2 ReviewsAlaska Central Express is an airline from Alaska, specifically Anchorage, Alaska. The latter is also its headquarters. The airline’s main base is at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. It was originally founded in 1996 and it functions as a cargo and small package express service. Furthermore, according to its official website, they offer “scheduled cargo flights, passenger and cargo charters, small package service and logistics.”

With a fleet size of 7 consisting of Raytheon Beech and 1900C Airliner, it flies to 35 destinations. The airline flies to and from Anchorage to several places in the West, Southwest, the Aleutians and the Southeast. Mike Bergt is the President of Alaska Central Express.

What are People Saying?

We’d have to settle with the fact that there are so few Alaska Central Express reviews available. Their airline is not an obscure one but since it is a cargo service, many people online would probably not be aware of its existence. They can have their freight delivered and accounted for without possibly knowing who is responsible for it.

Their website, on the other hand, gives us a resource for Alaska Central Express reviews. They appear really great and many people would easily be impressed by them. I see a lot being attracted to their service as seen on their site. They’ve got good ground to stand on and they could only be sending out positive Alaska Central Express reviews.

The Website

Alaska Central Express image man ReviewsLanding on their webpage will bring you to a large-format image of a man carrying a package, juxtaposed with the airline’s branding and a slogan “Ace to the Rescue!” I think that this is a great way to introduce anyone to their airline. It’s perfectly stimulating, leaving a lot to the imagination and exciting anyone into thinking that this airline is pretty creative. Their unique approach to business is translated into their website and they do a great job communicating their airline through it.

Since it is Alaskan, you’d also expect that they’re a bit old-fashioned or that they’d style their brands a certain way to better reflect their region, surroundings or nature. Sure enough, we have an artwork-looking picture right at the middle of their vast blank page. It is a colourful graphic like a classic painting and it suits them well. Many Alaska Central Express reviews would find them appealing because of their website’s appearance.

Other features of their site are a list of cargo schedules and pertinent maps. If you want a link to their press releases or news, click here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 907.334.5100; 888.722.0232
  • Fax Number: 907.245.0243
  • Head Office Address: 5901 Lockheed Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 99502

Concluding Words

Alaska Central Express airplane ReviewsI think that this airline is a fun one to use. My own Alaska Central Express reviews indicate that their website mirrors their own character fully. It is a great experience to browse through their offerings in such an inviting and encouraging backdrop. I can see why other Alaska Central Express reviews would praise them too.

If you feel the same way about Alaska Central Express review, kindly leave a comment below.


Alaska Central Express Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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