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Alitalia Airlines Review

Alitalia Airlines Review
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Alitalia Airlines Review

Airlines offer a competitive price for their services. As more airlines appear all over the world, we have more and more choices for our travelling. Having a lot of options out there, travellers can always utilise their own resources any way they like to develop their own methods of travel. These people use airplanes for their own convenience and for their own pleasure.

The more they find that they prefer a particular airline, the more that they are loyal to it in the future. In this Alitalia Airlines review, we look at an Italian carrier that delivers great service from its website to its inflight amenities.

Origins and Ownership

Alitalia, which got its name from “ali” for wings and “Italia” for Italy, was founded on March 12, 1999. It is Italy’s national airline and flag carrier. Its main hub is at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport with secondary hubs at Milan-Linate Airport and Milan-Malpensa Airport.

Its CEO from January 2015 was 59-year old Mr. Silvano Cassano who held the position until September 18, 2015. He started his career in 1978 at Hertz in Italy.  

Alitalia CEO Review

Silvano Cassano, Alitalia’s CEO.

The head office of Alitalia is located at Via Alberto Nassetti in Fiumicino, Rome. Some of the airline’s slogans are “Alitalia vola con te” (Alitalia flies with you) and “Fatti per volare alto” (Made to fly high). As of June 2015, Alitalia consists of 100 aircraft with 8 orders. Most recently, the airline won Best Airline Cuisine awarded by American magazine Global Traveler.

What people are saying

Alitalia garners an average overall rating at Skytrax. People online say that the food and drink were great. They especially commend the snacks; in fact, most positive comments were compliments on their dining. The crew, they say, was happy to share more information about their cuisine.

Others, as we see in this Alitalia Airlines review, were about the clean cabins or the efficient crew. The plane was on time and the appearance and quality of the interiors were also highly regarded. Certain people noticed the Italian food and wine and plane design and appreciated their flight experience. They further say that it is a wonderful deal for their price and that they have excellent treatment for frequent fliers

Alitalia crew Review

Alitalia food Review.

Its Website

According to this Alitalia review, their website is neat-looking and focuses on how their content looks. You can immediately book a flight, rent a hotel or a car service online. You can also check in online and through your mobile device. Also, check out the flights offers and tours and activities through their site.

Their cabin classes are Classica – Alitalia’s economy class, Classica Plus for Premium Economy, Ottima – short and medium-haul flights and Magnifica for long-haul flights. Generally the benefits of each class increase in that order. Ottima, for one, has improved catering and more baggage allowance. Magnifica also features new catering, seats and new china. Food changes according to the seasons and can include their selection of fine Italian wines. Classica Plus fliers also get to drink Italian Limoncello liqueur. Other foods are pasta and meat dishes, fresh fruit or dessert and a snack with a drink depending on how long your flight is.

Its has a frequent flyer program called Millemmiglia or “thousand miles.” This is part of the SkyTeam alliance and its members can collect and redeem miles under this whole network. Alitalia has a monthly magazine which you can read anywhere: Ulisse.

Alitalia miles ReviewAlitalia magazine Review

Special passengers such as those on wheelchairs, mothers-to-be, children or those who are visually impaired or travel with animals can check out this page.

In this Alitalia Airlines review, we see that most positive commenters turned out to greatly appreciate the dining which they received while in flight. They enjoyed the selection of snacks and the wine. They had further compliments for the cabin’s interiors and the crew’s friendly demeanor.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +39 06 65 64 9
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number;  +39 06 65 63 58 74
  • Head Office Address: Plaza Almerico da Schio, 3, 00054 Fiumichino, (RM), Italy


In this Alitalia review, we see the service which the airline provides starting from its website. Based on its site, the Alitalia has a firm ground to spread out its services. Its other offerings seen while on flight were also positively received. This is especially with regards to their Italian-inspired cuisine and the treatment which they received from the cabin crew.

Alitalia site Review

Overall, this Alitalia review has a great impression on the airline. They are wonderful to use and they give one a taste of European culture and courtesy, which is rare from airline companies in similar regions.

Would you use Alitalia Airlines for your future travels?


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    the food here looks absolutely delicious, will consider trying them out next time we’re available. So encouraged by this article, Alitalia by far is excellent!!

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