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Allegiantair Reviews

Allegiantair Reviews
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Allegiantair Reviews

It’s great to be able to fly an airplane that gives you quality and cost-efficiency at the same time. It is rare for an airline to achieve this to the agreement of the aviation community and high standards are maintained in terms of ranking and rating one. Allegiantair reviews are a preview into the performance that the American airline has been cultivating since its inception. Based on its Allegiantair reviews, it’s a great airline to begin with and a wonderful flight experience.

How it Started

Allegiantair CEO Reviews

Maurice Gallagher, Jr., Allegiantair CEO

A low-cost airline from the United States of America, Allegiantair was founded in January 1997 as WestJet Express and commenced operations in June 1998. It changed its original name to Allegiantair due to a similarity to other business’ names. It has 1,800 employees. It headquarters are in Enterprise, Nevada. With its 89 aircraft, it flies to 109 destinations.

Maurice Gallagher, Jr., has been Allegiantair’s Chairman and has been CEO since 2003. He founded and held key positions in some companies such as Mpower Communications Corp. and ValuJet Airlines, Inc. aside from being a principal owner of WestAir.


Allegiantair reviews are usually low ratings. In one site, they only managed to eke by 3 out 10 stars. Based on their online pictures next to the review, the seats are nice and seem well-designed, if a little awkward looking. Mar Cram from the United States mentions that the “seating was comfortable and the staff were friendly.”

Their crew were praised for their courteousness, and the airline has some great damage control practices under its belt. Since their airfares is usually cheaper than most, some Allegiantair reviews drop how grateful or surprised they were by the airline’s service despite its low cost. It gives them a passing to exceptional service and usually the savings it gives is enough for their customers to give glowing Allegiantair reviews about the airplane quality’s details.

The Website

Simplicity comes to mind when you visit their website. There’s not much going on and the entire site comes across as rather basic. Its main colours are blue and orange and the rest of the page is blank, leaving us to focus on the middle portion where the content is situated. On reviewers mentions the website as being “very clear.”

all appLike most websites, they offer check in and checking of flight status online. You can also manage all app2your booking online. Around the middle, you’ll see their top deals. How they arranged everything is questionable as they’re rather haphazard, you get the feeling that items are in the wrong bundle.

Their Allegiant mobile app is free and lets you zip through the check in process by giving you a paperless boarding pass, the app lets you add baggage, seats and get priority boarding. If you sign up for their email service and newsletter, you can expect the latest announcements and sale offers to reach you online.

For more information, offers and updates about Allegiantair, kindly view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 702 851 73 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 702 851 73 01
  • Head Office Address: Allegiant Air Corporate Office, 8360 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113, USA

Allegiantair logo ReviewsIn Conclusion

Most people choose cost-effectiveness as their primary driving factor when choosing airlines. Allegiantair reviews tell us that people online are extremely satisfied with the service they are getting. Their cabin crew were attentive and accommodating and everything else made for an interesting flight. Because of these, they’d love to fly with Allegiantair again in the future.

Would you consider using Allegiantair for your travel needs? Share your opinions here.


Allegiantair Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Leslie1996 says:

    I even like their simplistic mobile app. This sounds like a great airline, glad to hear about it here through this review,.

  2. Russ F. says:

    Thanks for this review, anyone know other low-cost airlines around the US with better scores?

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