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Published on October 18th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Asaptickets Reviews

Asaptickets Reviews
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Asaptickets Reviews

Online travel agencies have a mixed review on their own. Some people question why hire an agent to begin with. We all have our reasons but mostly, discontented fliers default to their safe answer that it’s best to take matters into your own hands. This is especially true after a negative experience.

Meanwhile, other agencies get soaring ratings. Let’s see in these Asaptickets reviews if its customers would recommend them to others.

How and Where it Started

Asaptickets began in 2004 by the instigation of the International Travel Network. The latter network is one of Northern California’s leading travel service agencies. Their travel agent count amounts to more than 500 staff.

Asaptickets in particular is a travel agency that prides itself on its cost-efficiency and dedication to provide such low airfare, car rental or hotel deals to their customers. It is accredited as an Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) after successfully undergoing the necessary tests and requirements. It’s also a Better Business Bureau (BBB)-accredited agency, having achieved the highest possible rating of A+.

Asaptickets CEO Reviews

CEO of International Travel Network Peter Vazan

The CEO of International Travel Network is Peter Vazan. He graduated from the California State University-East Bay with an MBA in International Business. He had previously been a management analyst and Chief Operating Officer for International Travel Network between 2005 and 2012. He counts arts and culture, environment, health and human rights as his passions.

How People See It

Some Asaptickets reviews are simply discussions on more mundane matters of the travel agency. People online are curious if the rates that they advertise are for real. Well, usually, commenters discredit the company’s promises. They try to persuade others, in turn, to book directly with the airline instead.

Websites vary significantly in the fares that they display. The thing with Asaptickets reviews is that their rates aren’t exactly the lowest. From the get go, its users turn elsewhere. So it seems as though Asaptickets lose their consumer base within a short period.

Asaptickets Website

These Asaptickets reviews see that their official website is pretty commonplace. Despite this, it still looks like it’s professional. Whether or not it is to be trusted depends on how you view it or how you experience it.

asap siteYou can search for flights, cars and hotel accommodations online, as is common with agency sites. Their travel extras — which show information about tickets, visas, passports, baggage fees — and specials tabs displaying top deals among flights are worthy additions. However it is frustrating in the way the subjects are arranged within each tab. It can take a while to locate a topic of your choice embedded in another heading. This can be a potential problem for people who are wanting in time.

Their website shows the current deals to travel destinations which you can search for by region. Other than that, they also have offers from airline partners and client testimonials. A link to their FAQ page is here for people who want their most common questions answered.

Contact information

For further details about, kindly refer to the following contact information.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-650-238-5588
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 100 Pine Street,Suite 1925, San Francisco, CA 94111

Asaptickets logo ReviewsIn a Nutshell

These Asaptickets reviews see that their site and suspected services lie on pretty much the same level. Their website is pretty neat on its own yet it doesn’t exactly convert people. People’s replies in review forums run the lengths of ambivalence. They’re not convinced enough to really support it.

Even if there is an actual diversity in opinions online, needs to have a stronger positive presence. What do you think of this Asaptickets review? Would you use for your travels?


Asaptickets Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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4 Responses to Asaptickets Reviews

  1. Les says:

    ASAPtickets helped me save more than $300 on my tickets to Cape Town!
    My agent was polite, persistent, and found me a great deal. He has promised to keep me on his calendar when seat assignments are available three months hence. So it’s definitely cheaper than online.

  2. Islandhopper52 says:

    That’s nice to hear Les! I wonder what more success stories we have about Asaptickets. Have you any problems navigating the site though? TY!

    • Les says:

      Not really, I mean I might probably next time just call that agent that booked me the ticket directly, but for the first time it was okay. I found out about them through folks at work, so I knew they have some kind of contract prices with airlines that are cheaper than online, and that totally worked out perfectly with me.

  3. XavierAylmer says:

    ITN is the best agency I have ever dealt with. I have a dog and I love him very much, as much as I love to travel. But it is a big hassle during travels – when I try to take my pet with me on a trip. He is an english bulldog (he scares lots of people hehe). I told the agent about the dog. First of all he sent me several options. I chose the cheapest one and he tried to deal with airline to allow me to take my dog with me. They refused. He started to call another one. He spoke with them for a very long time. They has some stupid rules, but somehow, he convinced them (of course it wasn’t so cheap and the airline wanted me to show them all the medical papers). Anyways, it took two days to make a reservation and to find the airline which will let me enjoy the vacation with my dog. The agent is absolutely amazing. He’s done a great job for me (it is very difficult to make it work). I called several airlines and they failed at this job. I can honestly recommend to all of my friends. Thank you ever so much!

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