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Atlas Air Reviews

Atlas Air Reviews
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Atlas Air Reviews

Atlas Air logo ReviewsThe legend of Atlas, the Titan who bears the whole of the world on his shoulders, is a perfect point of departure for this American airline Atlas Air. They took their company’s name from the Greek mythology character and they show through their website and through Atlas Air reviews just with what style they bear their operations. A golden facade surrounds an Atlas-featuring logo that enshrouds the image and their overall airline with an air of history, beauty and originality.

A Brief Glance at its Past

Atlas Air is an Purchase, New York-based and -headquartered passenger charter and cargo airline. It has a distinct logo of an Atlas-type figure bearing a golden world on his shoulders. This is Atlas, a Titan from Greek mythology tasked with carrying the burden of the world, from which Atlas Air adopted their name.

Founded in April 1992 by Pakistani-American Michael Chowdry, it then proceeded to commence operation in 1993. They use an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) and Air Charter operation system of which they are the world’s largest ACMI provider. The airline has a fleet size of 67 aircraft flying to 430 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific and Latin America.

Atlas Air President CEO Reviews

Atlas Air President and CEO William J. Flynn

Its current President and CEO is William J. Flynn, who had served in various key positions in previous companies and corporations. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island and took his Master’s from the University of Arizona.

How do its Customers See it?

When you search for Atlas Air reviews, you’ll see instead reviews from their employees and some other similar-sounding results. On the other hand, simply looking at their website can give you the beginnings of a strong impression that they are extremely professional to the point of being highly formal.

No matter what angle you approach it, their site is incredibly informative and straight-to-the-point. It’s interesting to click on various links and learn what they are about and what difference the airline has to offer.

Their employees also give us Atlas Air reviews in the form of their positive and negative experiences with the airline. Their positive Atlas Air reviews are ringing: travel opportunities, good benefits and an inspiring team.

Bearing their Website

The best word to describe their website is “efficient.” The layout is pretty simple but their content can get complicated. It seems to require insider aviation information to understand the section headings which they feature on their homepage. When you log in to your Atlas Air account on their website, you’ll probably see other aspects of their site which make more sense to you.

At the top, however are links to ACMI Lease Request and Charter Request. The Services link does not show the kinds of services we are expecting such as on air dining and entertainment but the general roles and functions of the airline as a whole: their dry-leasing and commercial charter services and their missions. These services appear as a list on’s homepage under Evaluate Our Services. Meanwhile, here is a link to their Conditions for Carriage.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 914-701-8000
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: HR 914.697.7858
  • Head Office Address:  2000 Westchester Ave, Purchase, NY 10577, United States

Certainly a Must-try 

Atlas Air airplane ReviewsIf you had been tasked with carrying a heavy weight, you would certainly project something else to the world. It’s a good thing that the impressive Atlas Air reviews we have about their employment give us a peek into what it is like to actually be with them. Their care for people and their uncontested competence are certainly incredible.

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