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Austrian Airlines Reviews

Austrian Airlines Reviews
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Austrian Airlines Reviews

With its history emblazoned into Austria’s flight industry, the presence of Austrian Airlines is as undeniable as it is an esteemed privilege in existence. Basically, it represents Austria and it displays its country to the hilt.

Austrian Airlines reviews show people’s love for certain services they offer on board and accurately detail the rest of their brighter flight experiences.

More on its Background

Austrian Airlines CEO Reviews

CEO of Austrian Airlines Jaan Albrecht

Austrian Airlines is Airlines is Austria’s national airline and is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Founded on September 30, 1957, it was formed through a merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways and had adopted its official name by 2003. It is sometimes also known simply as myAustrian or Austrian. Its slogan is “the charming way to fly.”

One of its hubs and headquarters is the Vienna International Airport. It flies to over 130 destinations using 80 aircraft. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance. Its most recent employee count runs to 6, 021 people. Its current CEO is Jaan Albrecht.

At the Skytrax 2015 World Airlines Awards, Austrian Airlines was awarded “Best Airline Staff Service in Europe” and “World’s Best Business Class Onboard Catering.”

How People View them

Austrian Airlines food ReviewsLike most airlines that get reviewed on sites, Austrian Airlines gets more of an average score, Austrian Airlines food crew Reviewsaround 5 or 6 out of 10 stars. The seats and food were described as being good — the latter, as the “best in the skies” — and the plane had great accommodation and entertainment. They get served a variety of wines, and the cabin crew came across as accommodating and friendly. Most positive Austrian Airlines ought to and do focus on their dining, they provide such delicious food that looks like it came out of a restaurant and is unlike the food quality other airlines are known for.

It’s a comfortable flight and people get a lot of space in the plane, as they indicate in Austrian Airlines reviews.

No matter what Austrian Airlines reviews say, their site is a surprise with rather personal images flitting across the dynamic screen and because of this, is even more compelling.

Like most airline site, you’ll have the option to check in and check your flight status online. The same pertinent information you see on their upper tabs are to be found in the lower part of the website, Quick Links.

Their myAustrian mobile app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.  You can check in, book flights and review flight information and schedules using it. For more of its functions, you can view this link, For Economy Class, you can order one of their meals from their DO & CO à la carte menus at €15. Examples are Viennese schnitzel, tapas, meze and Japanese delicacies. Furthermore, you can read their official inflight magazine here while this is their link to their airline blog.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +43 5 1766 1000
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +43 1 6886 526
  • Head Office Address: Office Park 2, PO Box 1, A-1301 Vienna-Airport, 1300 Vienna, Austria

In  a Nutshell

Austrian Airlines banner ReviewsThis airline should be commended for mastering something that most airlines fail in, dining. We all know how troublesome this aspect can be and people online give rave Austrian Airlines reviews about their food, some of the best they had ever had on a plane. All their other services get commended too, all in all, the country’s flag carrier has a fair reputation.

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