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Aviogenex Reviews

Aviogenex Reviews
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Aviogenex Reviews

Aviogenex logo ReviewsFlight gives us a sense of control. It’s what we do when we are eager to explore new places with our loved ones and discover more about the world. It’s one of the most uplifting experiences ever, it’s such a big leap literally and figuratively and a lot of good can come out of it.

About Aviogenex, you can view the Aviogenex review below and some Aviogenex reviews too to fulfill a better understanding of their airline and how it operates.

How and When it Started

Aviogenex has had quite a history behind it. It was a Serbian charter airline that used to operate regular, ad hoc charter flights and wet-lease services. Founded on May 1, 1968, it was based at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. It was in 2010 that they started using their own name to operate flights. Aviogenex airlines is to cease operations, announced on February 2015.

Acting CEO and Managing Director is Bojan Nikolic. The airline specialises in creating charter flights for groups and is able to launch three hours after confirmation.

What its Customers Say

Aviogenex cabin crew ReviewsIf positive Aviogenex reviews are to be counted upon, we have few to show. The world wide web could do with more of Aviogenex reviews so that researchers can have a bigger perspective when they’re looking for personal accounts with the airline.

We all want to learn how great their customer service is, if they think highly of it. Before we get on their plane, we’d want to know what kind of food they serve. They advertise themselves as a an “experienced, courteous and friendly cabin crew” but no customer has actually said this. We hope that Aviogenex reviews online by real people can give us more interesting details about their plane experience.

A to Z of their Official Website

Aviogenex website ReviewsVisiting Aviogenex’s website is an experience, but it’s not particularly a striking one. When you measure their entire appearance you’ll realise that it’s a neat way of easily reading through a website, text blocks are short and everything else is made highly interesting.

Their airline website, to those interested, is extremely informative. At the right hand is news. The best adjective to describe it would be clean or basic. The images used are generic ones or airplanes, stars and other important buildings. Also at the right are logo links to some partners.

I think that their Aviogenex website is simple and easily understood. It’s also amusing to see a lot of clipped colourful images decorating some parts. They introduce their website “Serving you best… is our guiding principle.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:+381 11 660 0445
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (+381 11) 711 8235
  • Head Office Address: 43 Narodnih heroja Street, 11070 Novi Beograd

Last Glance

Aviogenex plane ReviewsTheir website is pretty quaint introduction into their airline and you’ll get the information you need and more. Viewing Aviogenex reviews, though difficult, will leave you to rely on your own takes about it based from their website and they’re pretty comprehensive.You can appreciate the effort they put on their content and design.

If you have any more to say about this Aviogenex review, leave a comment below.


Aviogenex Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Mika M. says:

    No reviews but satisfying, crisp website. “I think that their Aviogenex website is simple and easily understood.” I wish more reviewers commented on them.

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