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Avis Reviews

Avis Reviews
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Avis Reviews

Who knew what issues renting a car for your vacation can bring with it? It comes across as a minefield of potential incidents that can make or break your trip, make it easier or ruin it. You’ll know instantly if a car rental service company is good by the time you use their vehicle, and your whole treatment should satisfy you if they are worth their salt.

Avis reviews border on one side and from these we are given an idea into their past performance. To see what most people are talking about, check this Avis review.

Origins and Ownership

Avis is one way of looking at the Avis Rent a Car System LLC: another name that the corporation is known as. Its an American rental car service which has its headquarters at Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States. It was originally founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1946 by Warren Avis. It was the first company to offer car rental services direct from airports.

Avis Chairman CEO Reviews

Chairman and CEO of Avis Budget Group Ronald L. Nelson

Their motto by 1962 was “We Try Harder.” 62-year old Ronald L. Nelson is Avis Budget Group’s Chairman and CEO, beginning these roles in August 2006. His previous positions within the company ranged from Chief Operation Officer, Chief Financial Officer and President. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley  and pursued further studies at the University of California.

In 2012, Avis was the World Travel Awards’ “World’s Leading Business Car Rental Company” and was also 2013’s #1 Car Rental Company in the 2013 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index – Brand Keys.

How it Goes in Review Sites

Some Avis reviews rant about it. Apparently, their service is pretty bad and their staff are “disrespectful.” When you receive poor quality, the most you can hope for is sincere damage control but that’s not what Avis reviews point at. The group seems to be consistent in disappointing their clients in terms of customer service.

Most issues with Avis regard customers’ experiences, such as leaving an item in a rented car or having some added unexpected charge. Having all of these explained to them can have its thorns out but in Avis’ case, their staff remain blunt and unapologetic. These don’t help the situation and Avis’ users usually urge others to look elsewhere.

Its Website

Their website, according to this Avis review, can be viewed as being rather bland in texture and its brightness contrasts with its simplicity. However, it more than suffices for designs as these appear simultaneously professional. When a site looks like this, people online trust it more and has that quality.

Avis car service ReviewsOnline, you can pretty much do all your car rental-related services in a quick go. They obviously focus on cars, and most content will guide you towards getting what you want. They’re a breath of fresh air in that they are lenient with car plan changes. They have a View/Modify/Cancel upper tab so you can make quick alterations to your booking and still get serviced in time.

They have a Rewards Miles & Points Partners initiative where you earn points and get rewarded through their Travel Partner Program. Meanwhile, their Avis Preferred membership gives its members quicker processing, saving them time so they can get to their rental cars as fast as possible and “travel better.”

Interested parties can advance their comments and feedback here and their FAQ page is a useful resource where they’ll find most of their questions answered. For more information, offers and updates about Avis, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-800-352-7900
  • Head Office Address: 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, (973) 496-3500

Avis logo ReviewsIn a Nutshell

Avis reviews discuss people’s experiences with the company, as they should. However, these can be discouraging due to their negative nature. Anyone who searches Avis reviews would quickly discover a trove of such toned comments.

Their website is a good one, yet they can, as one reviewer suggests, “train” their staff to improve on their customer service. Issues can subside with good handling but this is something that they are, as some say, weak in. Do you want to do business with Avis in the future after reading this Avis review? Tell us here what you think.


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  1. Wonderland says:

    This is downright rude, they’ve got to tell their staff to do their services better else people would spread word how awfully they treat their clients., best to be careful when you’re using their car.

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