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Azal Avia Cargo Airline Review

Azal Avia Cargo Airline Review
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Azal Avia Cargo Airline Review

Airlines always benefit from a good following and we can say that they really concentrate on people who can spread the good word. They do this by keeping in touch with their clients and making sure that they control damage on top of generally maintaining excellence everywhere else.

Azal Avia Cargo Airline reviews, especially this one, indicate that their service seems respected enough. It’s easy to understand why it’s going strong from the kind of feedback they instantly incite from their viewers and customers.

A Glimpse at its Past

Azal Avia Cargo Airline Director General Reviews

Azal’s President Jahangir Askarov

Azal Avia Cargo Airline or the “Cargo Airline of the State Concern Azerbaijan Hava” is one cargo airline based in Baku, Azerbaijan with a main base at Heydar Aliev International Airport. It was established in 1996 and has a fleet size of 4. Its parent company Azerbaijan Airlines owns Azal Avia Cargo Airline.

Jahangir Askerov, the Baku-born Engineer Pilot from Leningrad Civil Aviation Academy, was born in 1950. He is Azal’s President.

Comments and Reviews

Their website is an introduction into the airline but is generally a haze considering that little to no Azal Avia Cargo Airline reviews exist. They’re a good website, with a service that is a mystery to us and to many of its researchers.

We can say that people would feel the same ways about them and come up with these Azal Avia Cargo Airline reviews. No matter how you look at it, their projection, however brief online, is professional and clean. These are good signs for any airline and this is reflected in their service and their attention to keeping up appearances and keeping a veritable reputation.

Looking at their Website

Looking and discovering their website may pose problems as you’d have to be specific otherwise you’d end up on a similar sounding website that isn’t Azal Avia Cargo Airline plane Reviewstheirs but only sounds like theirs. It may be an issue for some but once you get there, the next thing you’ll have to do is find a way to translate it to English or another language you’re comfortable with. This is obviously simple in other airline cases, but Azal Avia Cargo Airlines doesn’t have a prominent option to translate their entire website for its users.

We can rely on Azal Avia Cargo Airline reviews and our own opinions about their site to further elucidate whether or not they’re any good. They’re obviously a reputable airline, their website ooks like a normal government one.

Unfortunately, gathering information outside their actual website’s URL is similarly challenging. However, they have a decent-looking site which leads to the home page with bright, festive colours amidst a neutral background. Most people would find this to be a fair combination and everything else looks fine. Apparently, it is under construction, yet it communicates its basic user interface to us through its colour scheme and general order and appearance.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: + 994 (12) 598-88-80
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: + 994 (12) 437-40-87
  • Head Office Address: Baku, Azerbaijan, 11 Azadlig Avenue, AZ-1000 Baku, Azerbaijan

In Conclusion

Azal Avia Cargo Airline logo ReviewsAzal Avia Cargo Airline reviews give us the impression that the airline is obscure. What little we know of it directs us to the positive. Not only are they coming across as clean-cut, but they seem to genuinely care too. Taking into account their official website, we can say that they also concentrate on details and keep people updated.

If you have your own comments about this Azal Avia Cargo Airline review, feel free to add them below.


Azal Avia Cargo Airline Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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