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Azul Airlines Reviews

Azul Airlines Reviews
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Azul Airlines Reviews

Azul Airlines began its existence in 2008 in some respects, by a naming contest wherein the airline was given its present name. Azul means “blue” in the Portuguese language, which in turn connotes blue skies, seas and formality. Their airline is a pleasant surprise, even if most flights are for the short-haul, having consistent royal treatment and more based on Azul airlines reviews.

Origins and Ownership

Azul Airlines Founder CEO Reviews

Azul Airlines Founder and CEO David Neeleman

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras S/A or Azul Brazilian Airlines is a Brazilian low-cost airline. It is the country’s third largest airline, based in Barueri, Brazil. Azul was named from a naming contest in 2008 where it bested the other popular option: Samba, “Azul” meaning blue in Portuguese. It has a fleet size of 148 flying to 9 destinations.

The airline was established on May 5, 2008 and commenced operations on December 15, 2008. Its founder and CEO is David Neeleman who was born on October 16, 1959 in Sao Paulo. He currently lives in Connecticut, United States of America.

Azul Airlines has been named South America’s best low-cost airline for the fifth straight year in 2015.

People See Azul

Azul airlines reviews, however positive, remain on the neutral side, probably because the airline has a somewhat “quiet” service. They do have good food and attentive cabin crew, the snacks being free and unlimited and the flight attendants conversant in English.

The flight itself, reiterated in Azul airlines review, were always punctual and the baggage claiming was swift. It also helped that the plane was likewise clean and the seat pitches, reviewers felt, were adequate. People online conclude that it’s good quality for a low-cost airline.

Azul Airlines cabin food ReviewsThe Website

Azul has a great website and features the colour blue, in a darker shade. It’s easy to see how to translate the page into English: you click the flag of the United States at the upper right corner. It’s relatively simple, and a pleasure to use for its efficiency.

The airplane has Live TV and people can bring their headphones so that they can listen to programs: Sky, 48 live and up to 9 recorded. Their food on their website pertain to their snacks, such as beverages, Goiabinha, milk donuts, Japanese-style peanuts and Polvilho cookies, some of which may appear new to some passengers. Aside from that, they do have special services for the hearing impaired which can be arranged by navigating to their “Special Services” section.

For more information, offers and updates about Azul Airlines, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

For further details about Azul Airlines, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +55 11 8447 1756
  • Fax Number: + 55 11 4134 9801
  • Head Office Address:  Alameda Surubiju 2010, Alphavill Indastrrial, Baruent , 06455-040 Sao Paulo Brazil

az logoIn Conclusion

The Azul airlines reviews don’t scrimp on praising the airline. Positive reviews abound and people online say the same things about different elements of its service: from food to interior to cabin crew. These all get high ratings and they find their whole experience to be satisfactory, especially considering Azul airlines being a low-cost one.

Are you similarly impressed by Azul airlines, based on this Azul airline review? Share with us what you think by through your comments below.


Azul Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Daniel says:

    It really comes across as low cost . Can’t fault it though, the food mentioned sounds absolutely scrumptious is this a great bang for your buck?

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