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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


BeatTheBrochure Review

BeatTheBrochure Review
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BeatTheBrochure Review

When you use an online travel agency, the main idea is that you’re going to ease yourself of some of the burdens that come with travelling. Technically, these websites are supposed to help you save money rather than accrue any other additional charges. Having them at your helm simplifies the whole process and also gives you time to relax for your trip.

Going someplace is one major step for man. You’ll need to right resources so that you don’t end up committing any mistakes or getting less than what you expected.

All travel agencies offer something different to customers, let’s take a look at the United Kingdom’s BeatTheBrochure and how they intend to change the travel agency landscape.

The Travel Agency’s Origins

BeatTheBrochure formed in 2004 and is a part of Truly Travel Ltd. The travel agency’s main address is at Scottish Providence House, United Kingdom. It is currently staffed at around 350 employees worldwide with a mission of “Beating High Street Agents, Beating Online Travel Agents & Beating Brochure Prices.” Whether or not they are effective in these respects will be described in this article.

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Using BeatTheBrochure comes with its usual suspects of negativity. It’s not so much the customer support that people complain about but the specific service that they receive. There had been recorded mishaps in hotel reservations, for instance. Also, their motto to outperform online travel agents collapses in the sight of their ineffective customer support in which replies from their end apparently take ages to be completed. Their pride, meanwhile, of beating everyone else’s price has been stumped by surcharges or failed reservations which eventually cost one more than they had planned.

BeatTheBrochure’s Website

However, the BeatTheBrochure website is so sparse-looking that it’s rather difficult to build up any trust with it. Is it credible? Reliable? Even the arrangement of the information is questionable; lists don’t have any underlying organisation and are randomly placed wherever. They’re also rather vague and generic. An image of a seaside beach with the caption “Beach Holidays” isn’t that confusing, it could be the style they were going for. What captures one’s attention is its layout, especially how the information is presented. BeatTheBrochure could definitely improve in this arena to increase the professionalism of their website.

The great things about its site are its Blog and News sections at the upper-left portion, both of which are wonderful resources. Other notable features are their Travel Extras and Travel Guide. You can have a combination of Flight and Hotel or Flight only and Hotel only, simply fill up the necessary data online. They have an Android and Apple app too.

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BeatTheBrochure’s is online on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest among others. Like most sites, they also offer travel deals and theirs are relatively well-priced. A link to their FAQ page is included here.

At Feefo, BeatTheBrochure garnered an 86% service rating. Yet they have also been described as somewhat inefficient. With them, time can be a problem that customers find that they lag behind when reaching a resolution. Everyone would benefit from a speedy solution.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 020 7741 1246
  • Contact
  • Head Office Address:Scottish Provident House, 3rd Floor,
  • 76-80 College Road, Harrow, HA1 1BQ

Words of Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed this Beathebrochure review. As we all know, researching a travel agency really helps you create an impression of it. Looking at the various resources online helps one come to the conclusion that this agency is a great one for accessing some of the cheapest deals. Its other special features boost its popularity.

BeatTheBrochure only needs minor attention to detail for it to improve. It’s got a relatively high ranking on review sites with a healthy mix of good and bad comments. However, they could tweak their customer support and focus on the products and services that they offer.

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  1. Manuel D. says:

    Re beating the BeatTheBrochure, I still think that it has good deals. Nice info.

  2. Reggie Nolan says:

    I want to answer your question. I ‘will’ try it. And thanks for this review.

  3. Will Roberts says:

    Really? They just mentioned that they have ineffective customer support. And how about any surcharges more than you’ve planned? Just like you said here, everyone could benefit from a solution.

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