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Bemidji Airlines Reviews

Bemidji Airlines Reviews
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Bemidji Airlines Reviews

Bemidji Airlines logo ReviewsWhen you think about Bemidji and its Bemidji Airlines reviews, you are sure to come up with ideas about its originality. The airline started a while back and was eventually purchased by Larry Diffley and his company. From then on, they had come up with a slew of developments and had sufficiently reached its full potential in the industry.

Information about its History

Bemidji Airlines President Reviews

Bemidji Airlines President Larry Diffley

Founded in 1946, Bemidji Airlines started operations in 1947. It is an American Airline that is based in Bemidji, Minnesota. On top of domestic cargo flights, it also provides charter and air taxi services. Since the eighties, the airline had been growing with larger aircraft adding the cargo flights to their offered services. Bemidji Airlines has a fleet size of 10 and currently has 65 employees

Its hub is located at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Its most notable President was Larry Diffley. He was born in Bemidji and raised in Becida. He married in Los Angeles where he met his future business partner Mark Shough. Together they purchased the airline Bemidji Aviation in 1970 where they started with three employees.

Discover What People are Saying

There are few Bemidji Airlines reviews available. I am not that surprised about this as their airline is not a major one and is also relatively obscure. However, it has a rustic vibe to it that makes it more favourable to a certain type of passenger. I expect that people would really cleave to the airline and give them great Bemidji Airlines reviews if this is something that they like.

If they do not agree with this other reviewers and people online would have say that they disliked the airline’s offerings or that they were caught off guard by its communicated image.

If you are looking for good organisation, a passionate team and distinctiveness Bemidji Airlines offers these along with their variety of airplane services. Most would comment that the airline has a strong look and we can assume that they concentrate with similar energy on their inflight amenities. They have a strong unified presence that will be paid attention to in Bemidji Airlines reviews.

Looking at their Website

Their website at is incredible. It makes their company look good and its creativity is remarkable. You’ll be greeted by an mobile image of a sky with rippling clouds parted by an airplane.

They show tabs for Charters, Training and Events. Online, they indicate that their services are available seven days a week. They also feature a lot of other features such as the current fuel prices and their management of other people’s owned aircraft. The information contained in their site is diverse and echoes the colourful orange and black theme. It all adds variety to their airline’s website and makes you think that they are very evolved and professional. Their attention to detail is really great and so are their shots and choice of images and layout.

For more information, offers and updates about Bemidji Airlines, kindly refer to their Twitter account link here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Toll Free (800) 332-7133; Office Phone (218) 751-1880
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (218) 759 3552
  • Head Office Address: 4125 Hangar Drive NW, Bemidji, MN 56601

Bemidji Airlines airplane ReviewsConcluding Words

I personally think that Bemidji Airlines reviews would come up with the same ideas as I have about them. Their website reflects their unique existence within aviation. With the same conscientiousness from their staff and their own initiatives, many Bemidji Airlines reviews will tell us that their airline is reputed and had been running effectively.

If you have anything else to add to this Bemidji Airlines review, kindly share your opinion below.


Bemidji Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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2 Responses to Bemidji Airlines Reviews

  1. Princess says:

    have you seen their website?? I think that Bemidji Airlines is pretty cool. They’re one of those rare airlines that has their act put together and much appreciated by everyone. I am in awe of them and their story and I wish to see more like them.

  2. XOxo says:

    I liked their website too. Where else can you get as cool as that? I was really impressed with their look and branding. They’re obviously a fair airline.

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