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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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Why do some people use an online travel website or agency first instead of buying directly from the airline?

This is a question that a few of us would ask considering that not all travel agencies deliver the kind of service that their customers expect from them. There have been, among disappointing stories, horrifying ones and in other cases, success stories. Choosing an agency for yourself is another matter that requires sufficient knowledge and comparisons. In the end, people use websites because it is through these that they also get updates, offers and news about the most happening places around the world, and then ultimately get the travel deals of their lives.

Its Humble Beginnings is a travel agency website  that helps users book flights, cars, hotels, cruises and travel packages. It was founded in 2000 by President and CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw in his Panama City Beach, Florida residence. It originally began in his garage involving his own family. Review

The venture was originally known as and was renamed in 2004. The travel agency has been steadily growing since its humble beginnings from Finlaw’s garage and CEO Bud Finlaw also had to make some relocation decisions to foster the expansion that they had been experiencing,

It started with the company booking exclusively hotel rooms; in 2006, they started offering flights, cars and cruises. According to their website, Bookit aims to give their users an  “intuitive” online booking experience. They highly value the Internet and the customer reviews and information seen on their website.

What Booking Looks Like with

The website looks very convincing; it’s jam-packed with a lot of information with an inviting, bright colour scheme and large lettering. They have an official mobile app for Apple and Android devices which boasts offering not only flights and hotels but vacation packages. With it, you can check your itinerary on the go. mobile app Review

All the links on its website pertain to interesting must-see destinations or events in the area that you wouldn’t want to miss. In this respect, Bookit is at the upper hand as the look, content and reliability of its website far surpasses others. Bookit has promo and coupon codes and a free newsletter. This is the perfect site to go to when all you have decided is where you want to go: further details about travel destinations are plenty on this site.

It has its fair share of advertisements and it concentrates on great travel deals. Because its early history as a travel website included flights and cruises, you can also arrange your hotels — classified by rating and region — and rent a low-cost car service during your stay. Go to Guest Support to have all your inquiries answered or call them at their hotline: its open hours are from 8 am to 3 am Eastern Time.

Bookit is a relatively famous company with a great success story. Its main prerogatives are to adequately inform their users, preparing them for their journey and not to be content with a passing performance, they consistently aim for their customers to feel so fulfilled that they eventually recommend to their friends.

Where you Book Matters

People’s problems with Bookit are mainly on their customer service. Some failures here had been the topics of many online reviews. Sometimes, the satisfaction which they guarantee their customers doesn’t always happen. Several Bookit users had to deal with poor service: bad hotels or no cars.

Other times, the staff were curt and unhelpful and apparently, according to one Edda from Cooper City, “couldn’t care less” about what their company looks like. This is a bit odd considering that satisfying their customers is one of their primary objectives. Bookit staff, to them, give them the cold shoulder which aggravates any problem. Dissatisfied users then advise others to look closely at the deals before making any decisions.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1 888 782 9722
  • Head Office Address: Panama City Beach, Florida


Bookit is a relatively famous company from the United States of America and has a rags-to-riches story behind it that belies its great success in the world of travel websites. Their team could need some development though, as they’ve been described as being ineffective in customer support. Contacting them can be a frustrating experience as, contrary to their company’s vision, their staff don’t seem to care about how their clients see them. They also don’t always push through with all pre-arranged plans, there have been some stories wherein users ended up without hotels and car service upon landing.

However, the website’s pride, its information, make up for the scattered negative reviews it has accumulated. In terms of data, Bookit is a great travel agency to start planning your vacation, since as with most other websites, its strengths are its main asset. We hope you enjoyed this Review and found it helpful!

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  1. hugs&kisses says:

    Such an inspiring growth story of a company. Their website also does seem to have loads of info!

  2. Jacob W467 says:

    #hugs&kisses : Yup, has a good moving story. Not sure about the info though. I agree with you,

  3. Anne C. says:

    A perfect example of what to watch out for in online travel agencies, look at other reviews here for backup.

  4. Janette L. says:

    When you look at this site, you might get a little confused. Depends on what you want to see, but this article clearly mentions to “look closely” and that’s what I advise.

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