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Canadian Affair Reviews

Canadian Affair Reviews
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Canadian Affair Reviews

Canadian Affair logo Reviews

Online travel agents help make our lives easier, that is a given. That is one reason why they are so popular among travellers. They serve as live resources of insider information who can tweak the system to access a discount or a deal for you. They come with a price, but their convenience and knowledge will be worth the time you invest.

Let’s look at these Canadian Affair reviews to see if this British tour operator to Canada is giving off the right impressions to its users. Based on their website and customer comments, this Canadian Affair review presents a picture of a business and its use.

Where it Came From

Canadian Affair was founded in 1995. It is the United Kingdom’s leading tour operator with Canada as its destination. Its head office is at London with another one at Glasgow. Most recently, it employs around 80 people among these two locations.

Noticeably, it has been winning the British Annual Canada Travel Awards’ “Consumer Favourite Tour Operator Award” for the past five years. In November 2011, it won the “Best Tour Operator Award to Canada” at the British Travel Awards.

Its Managing Director is Kathryn Munro. She graduated from Belfast’s Bloomfield Collegiate Grammar School and Ulster University. Furthermore, she also lists French as a foreign language.

Canadian Affair Managing Director Reviews

Canadian Affair Managing Director Kathryn Munro

According to her LinkedIn account, Canadian Affair also has a call centre in Montreal. Canadian Affair has an office in Vancouver, Canada. Travel group Transat A.T. acquired Canadian Affair in 2006.

Looking at its Website

If you base your opinion on the tour operator on these Canadian Affair reviews, you’ll see that they have a great website. There’s a lot to take in visually that it can be overwhelming. This isn’t really a problem but it seems to promise a lot of fun and adventure. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in the right site.

Canadian Affair site Reviews

To polish off the tours that they offer to Canada, they have the requisite flights, hotels and cars at their upper tabs which you can also search. Check out their important Canada deals too under their special offers.

Easily sign-up for their newsletter by submitting your email address. To further inspire you, they also have The Ultimate To Do List and Inspire Me. Read their Canada-focused blog to learn more about where you’re headed. For more information, offers and updates about Canadian Affair, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

People’s Comments on It

There aren’t much reviews about Canadian Affair online so it is difficult to verify if they are true to their promise. Some people online, however, tell others to book somewhere else to save them from any confusion with billing.

There have been troubles with the actual flights (such as flights being downgraded with no compensation) but these shouldn’t really distract you into thinking that they’re any less than what they’re cut out to be. We see these Canadian Affair reviews are separate instances that should guide us, considering that we know what to look out for.

Contact information


These Canadian Affair reviews saw that the tour operator has a great website. It’s really engaging and inspiring to navigate through it. It’s also very fun, it makes whatever you’re looking for seem like a breeze.

Canadian Affair computer Reviews

Its online reviews should be considered too. They’re there to help people find out more about a particular company, but the test ultimately lies with firsthand experience and Canadian Affair’s professionalism is worth the try.

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    Their website has a lot of colour in it and large-format images. Worth a try, and their content is promising once you visit it.

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