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Canberra Airport Reviews

Canberra Airport Reviews
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Canberra Airport Reviews

Canberra Airport airport overview ReviewsAustralia is famous the world over for its sun, sand and surf culture, so how does this translate to an airport that is located in the vast country’s capital? Within the city proper, the cocoon of an airport: Canberra Airport, resides like a curled tail.

It is encased in large glass windows, a hearty collection of inner services within and projects a stance towards internal and globally-focused change. Canberra Airport is like a spare gem with a beautiful hollow quality to it that people remember in their Canberra Airport reviews.

At this stage, they are projecting that it expand its outreach and we see from Canberra Airport reviews how exactly they had been faring in terms of their current states of service.

Reviews: What People Are Saying

People online usually loved the wide spaces to be found indoors in their Canberra Airport reviews. They found the facilities to be ample and especially favoured the “fresh and airy” ambience inside the airport.

However at times the spaciousness could get excessive and make the interiors of the airport seem overly so. At this junctures, fliers wish that the airport was filled with more stalls, more milling people or anything that would fill the emptiness that they feel in contact with the airport’s size.

Others have nothing but high hopes for it to be turned into an international airport. Its cleanliness perfectly complements its breadth. It looks good from all angles and Canberra Airport reviews can only


Canberra Airport interior ReviewsIncredible it may seem, Canberra Airport has a rating average of 8.5 out of 10. Their help desk and support quality are also amazing. A healthy number of information desks are located at the gates of check-in areas.

Their bathrooms are large enough for each cubicle to fit in one’s luggage. In terms of food and beverage, the airport has a bar and a number of coffee shops. Their “Relay” store, on the other hand, is a news agency, snack and book shop in one. These services are praised in comments in Canberra Airport reviews. Shopping options are seen in their more than 60 different stores and the airport is serviced by free wifi.

The insides of Canberra Airport seem vast, echoing and resonating. Its interiors are filled with natural light, the patterns of which are created by the glass windows above and beyond.


Canberra Airport  is located 8 miles from the city, 5 to 10 minutes from the centre. More specifically, it is is on the intersection of “Canberra’s main East-West artery, Parkes Way/Pialligo Avenue, and Eastern Ring Road (Monaro Highway/Majura Road) near Pialligo.” You may pass by the Parliament House on the way.

Location – Traffic – Service

They were the main hub for Brindabella Airlines and are used by Virgin Australia and Qantas. It is a domestic airport. They handle around 3 million can terminal mappassengers in a year and have 166 movements in a day. Canberra Airport operates nonstop flights to 6 cities.
News & Awards

Most recently, the airport was recognised with the “Innovation and Excellence Award for Customer Experience” for their “Here to Help” campaign. Another of their notable achievements was the “Environmental Management Award” for their Resource Reduction Program. In the years 2014-2015, Canberra airport was busy introducing its “Energy Management Reduction Task Force” which aimed to reduce energy and water waste and control their usage.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: CBR
  • Phone number: 02 6275 2226
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Any other contact info you might find: Fax (+61 2) 6275 2244
  • Address: 2 Brindabella Circuit Brindabella Business Park ACT 2609


Canberra Airport reviews tell us what we know about the airport: their tidy interiors, their satisfactory amenities. What they also hint at is the desire to better themselves. They are always in a state of flux, renovating this and rebuilding that. An energy which lies deep within the heart of the airport lies radiating outwards and making Canberra Airport become highly significant in the city centre.

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