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CheapOair Reviews

CheapOair Reviews
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CheapOair Reviews

Online Travel agencies provides connections between travelers and travel companies like airlines, hotels, car rentals etc. This connection gave birth to different benefits that all travelers can enjoy.

The convenience OTA’s brought to this world really makes travelling a lot easier for millions of people worldwide. Travelling processes are simplified and can be done online.

CheapOair has been providing service for 10 years now. The question is, are they doing a good job?

Origins and Ownership

CheapOair was founded in 2005 by Sam Jain. Ever since they started in 2005, it was Jain who upholds the position of CEO up to this day. CheapOair’s main headquarters is in New York city, USA.

Sam Jain, CheapOair's CEO

Sam Jain, CheapOair’s CEO

CheapOair has managed to satisfy many of their customers so far, but of course, not all of them. On, CheapOair was given a 3 star rating. Most of the reviewers appreciated CheapOair’s affordable offers and their value for money. However, there were complains regarding booking errors. For example, one customer wanted first class or business class, but as soon as she printed her ticket, she was booked for an economy class and it cost her over $400 to change class. CheapOair seems to provide credible information about flight deals. Looks like CheapOairs’ status has a fine line between satisfied customers and frustrated ones.

The website

CheapOairs’ website is similar to most online travel agencies. Customers can check-in, check flight status and arrange for hotels and car rentals. The website allows you to view your bookings as well as all pertinent information regarding your online purchase. CheapOair displays their promo deals on the homepage, so customers can easily see them. CheapOair provides last minute flights, domestic flights and round trip flights.  Compared to other OTA, CheapOair seems to be limited in interface features.

CheapOair website Reviews


Mobile App

To expand their service accessibility, CheapOair created their own mobile application for apple and android. The app provides the same features as their website, meaning customers can book flights, arrange hotel bookings, and check flight status with their smartphones.

CheapOair's mobile app REview

Customer Service

Their customer service phone line is open 24/7. CheapOair includes live chat help. There were some complaints regarding rude customer representatives that weren’t able to help customers at all. When it comes to deals and flight information, CheapOair seems to be doing a good job. But their customer service is somehow inefficient since they were able to anger a lot of people.


CheapOair is based in New york city, there are also main offices in Toronto and London. CheapOair is a subsidiary of Fareportal which is also guided by CEO Sam Jain. In 2014, Interactive Media Awards named CheapOair to be best in class.

Contact Information

Here’s some contact information for travelers transacting with CheapOair.

Website URL:

Contact Number: New york, USA – +1 (212) 478-0335

                                Toronto, Canada – +1 (915) 474-1118

                                London, England – +44 020 8748 3535

CheapOair also uses social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube etc to stay connected with customers.

Their exact head office address is 135 West 50 Street #500,New York, NY 10020,United States.


Looks like CheapOair is doing pretty good, however, their service could be improved, one of the major downfalls being their customer service portals. CheapOair also needs to evaluate their customer service representative protocols as there were many frustrated and unhappy customers because of this. Being in the business for 10 years now, CheapOair has managed to gain some loyal customers and some frustrated ones and with that being said, they have a love/hate relationship with the public which makes their average 2.5 to 3 star ratings understandable.  


CheapOair Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy
Price - 80%
Customer Service - 20%
Website Usability - 40%



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