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Cheaptickets Review

Cheaptickets Review
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Cheaptickets Review

Online travel services deliver better and cheaper services than their suppliers. They are there to offer customers the option to avail of packages and deals which they would not have possibly seen before on another website. If you want something cost-effective and efficient, you can go to an online travel agency for your travel needs.

We see in this Cheaptickets review that some online travel websites perform in a certain way according to their customer reviews. The reputation that they get from a good mix of these influence one in creating an impression at first sight until their actual experience with them. This Cheaptickets review will take you through those steps in a nutshell.

Its Origins

Cheaptickets is an online travel service that offers airfare, hotel and vacation, cars and cruises. It traces its origins to selling airline tickets at a low price which were not previously known.

Cheaptickets was founded in 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America by Michael J. Hartley and Sandra Hartley. It exists as a subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. Michael J. Hartley has been Cheaptickets’ Director since August 1986. He also served as its CEO from 1986 to February 2001.

Cheaptickets Co-founder Michael Hartley

Co-Founder of Cheaptickets Mike Hartley

What People are Saying

Most people online however, give Cheaptickets a not so favourable review, telling others to approach a more reputable company. Refunds with them take some time to push through and cancelled flights or hotel reservations also take a while for them to fix. Transactions with them get problematic especially when Cheaptickets has to charge extra or explain to their customers any other consequence of having to cancel or change a booking.

Their customer service apparently needs improvement too. Some reviewers comment on their passing spoken English. They also remain ambivalent to their clients. When issues arise, they often simply say that they stick to their policy and that they can do nothing about it. Customers find this manner unhelpful whenever they have to straighten things out.

The Cheaptickets Website

Cheaptickets logo Review

Cheaptickets site Review

Their official website looks like your typical website. On its tabs are options for Vacation Packages, Hotels, Cars, Cruises, Flights and Events Tickets. They focus on offering the cheapest rates on their site, with hotels for the prices of $50 and below and savings on deals for up to $700 at a time. You can combine Flight, Car and Hotel packages and get up to 50% off. They also offer tickets to numerous events in sports, concerts, theatre and festivals.

With CheapCash, you can get ca$h when you book flights with Cheaptickets. According to this Cheaptickets review, they’ve got a great site based on their content and layout. You can search for Cheap vacations destinations and Cheap vacations by interest. Also, visitors can check out top destinations, top hotels and top interests using the website’s various links. Their updated Deals! section is a great thing to look out for cheap deals of the week.

According to this Cheaptickets review, most experiences with it were with changes in a reservation or a booking. People say that they had lost finances with them having to deal with fixing a refund.This Cheaptickets review shows that they obviously find that frustrating. These same persons suggest to bring your business elsewhere.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-888-922-8849; Outside U.S.A. 1-312-596-5786
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. , 500 W. Madison, Suite 1000 , Chicago, Illinois 60661 , U.S.A.


According to this Cheaptickets review, the website is pretty great. They have it organised enough to deliver the right amount of information with minimal confusion. However, their actual services are different. They should fix their customer support quality. Apparently, they do not communicate very well, when they do, they tend to miscommunicate. If they have to collect fees for a wrong booking, they should know that they should not have had to deal with it in the first place.

Cheaptickets ticket Review

This Cheaptickets review sees that you can get a good deal on your interests, but will have to see if they perform as their reviews indicate. Would you use Cheaptickets after reading this Cheaptickets review?


Cheaptickets Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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    Sometimes, when you sell something like “Cheap is good,” you’ll get feedback such as this: They’ll need to work on their operations first, then customer support second. Those two are incredibly important!

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