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China Eastern Airlines Review

China Eastern Airlines Review
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China Eastern Airlines Review

There are less accidents on planes than on any other transport vehicle. The speed that it offers, makes it the most efficient and convenient means of transportation that we currently have. It offers a competitive price, considering that it takes you across great distances and using a plane is one of the greatest things a person can do.

As we see in this China Eastern Airlines review, this airline also concentrates on various factors to help in its effectiveness. Let’s look at the numerous contributing factors behind China Eastern Airlines’ success.

Where and How it Started

According to this China Eastern Airlines review, the airline is one of the three main transporters in China and it is the country’s second-largest in terms of passengers carried. China Eastern Airlines (CEA) was founded on June 25, 1988. It operates under the company slogan, “Traveling the globe, making dreams come true.”

Mr. Shaoyong Liu has been China Eastern Airline’s Chairman since February 3, 2009. He was the General Manager of China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd.’s Shanxi  branch from 1997 to 1999. He is from Lingshan town, Xinyang City, China. He is a First Class Pilot and has been in the industry of civil aviation since 1978. Liu is a member of the Board of Governors of International Air Transport Association, and also of IATA member China Air Transport Association. In 2005, he had an Executive Master in Business Administration from Tsinghua University. He is from the China Civil Aviation Flight Academy.

China Eastern Airlines Chairman Review

China Eastern Airlines’ Chairman Mr. Shaoyong Liu is also a First Class Pilot.

China Eastern Airlines has its main hubs at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport with secondary hubs at Kunming Changshui International Airport and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. As of September 2015, China Eastern Airlines has a fleet size of 405 aircraft with 241 new orders.

People’s Comments

As we see in this China Eastern Airlines review, the airline garners an average rating on customer comment websites. Most people online say that they had not had any problems with it, and that for a Chinese airline, it is recommended. They also noticed that a high proportion of their fellow travellers were also locals. They mentioned that the cabin crew were “great” and the snacks were satisfactory. At one point, a reviewer said that the these two were “exceptional.

Most others say that China Eastern Airlines is priced well. The English-speaking of the crew had been commended. Flights depart and arrive relatively on time. They also say that their overall experience was positive and that they’d fly with them again.

China Eastern Airlines food ReviewChina Eastern Airlines people Review

A Look at their Website

In this China Eastern Airlines review, we see that their website looks very clean and orderly. You can book your flight and check your flight status online. You’ll have access to their Guide. On the site is Information, data on Value Tickets and Special Offers.

They count unaccompanied minors, infants, the sick, disabled and pregnant as their special passengers who have certain instructions to prepare them for their trip.

Eastern Miles is the airline’s reward program. With it, you accrue points as you travel around the world or avail of their services. As a member, you get to enjoy the high-class privileges that it provides and redeem your points towards various rewards such as class upgrade, excess luggage and gift award or a round-trip ticket.

In terms of on-board entertainment, passengers have a selection of Chinese and international movies to watch, variety films and documentaries. Music ranges from local Chinese to different genres. You’ll get to choose between Chinese and Western food while on-board. Also, you can have fruit, snacks and beverages.

Their site is really easy to navigate. The length of the text is perfect for those browsers who are looking to view information about an airline relatively quickly. As this China Eastern Airlines review notes, their official website has been closely organised and it’s really efficient to use. You’ll get your answers about any topic and feel satisfied with its proffered quality.

China Eastern Airlines website Review

Its more frequent fliers say that they experience little problems with the airline and often express an interest to use it again. The flights were on time and the food and service were described as being very good. The crew were polite and friendly with frequent water and beverages being offered.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +86 21 6268 6268 021 955 30
  • Contact Email:L
  • Fax Number: +86 21 6268 6116
  • Head Office Address: 2550 Hongqiao Road, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, 200335, China


China Eastern Airlines plane Review

This China Eastern Airlines review saw that this particular airline is professional. From its official website to its great service while you’re in air, you won’t be disappointed. They offer great food and customer support. The entertainment and content that they give and their attention to detail make them stand out. Most people would love to use them again.

What do you think about this China Eastern Airlines review?


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