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Cleartrip Reviews

Cleartrip Reviews
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Cleartrip Reviews

The thing about online travel companies is that they’re supposed to make things easier for their customers. They’re there as professional helpers meant to make the whole travel process more efficient. You build trust with them hoping that they’ll live up to their own visions.

Cleartrip reviews report that Cleartrip’s slogan is to make travel simpler. With their website and feedback how simple do they appear? This can certainly be adjudged to it once we check this Cleartrip review.

Its Origins and Ownership

Cleartrip CEO Reviews

CEO of Cleartrip Stuart Crighton

Cleartrip PVT. Ltd. is an online travel company from India that books travel-related services. It is prominent not only in its native India but also around the Gulf region. In 2014, Apple App Store awarded Cleartrip “Editor’s Pick.”

It was founded by Matthew Spacie, Hrush Bhatt & Stuart Crighton on July 4, 2006. Its slogan “Making Travel Simple” is communicated through their website. One of its co-founders, Stuart Crighton serves as its CEO and member of its Board of Directors. He has a Business degree from the University of London.

People’s Comments on it

There do exist some Cleartrip reviews online, roughly half of which are negative views on their service. The other half are expositions on its being a no-issue site. However, most want more specific answers than these. They take the form of complaints and disappointments from its users.

People online claim that somehow the prices on the site increase once you click them. Approaching them is another problem, it can take months before you get your refund or whatever it is that you are contacting them for. Cleartrip reviews say that they’re unreliable because of these. If they have any technical glitches or they’re simply erratic is a cause for concern. They should see how they are appearing in Cleartrip reviews if they want to look better.

Cleartrip’s website is a surprise. If you’re expecting anything fancier it’ll really make an impression on you. The best word to describe it would be ‘minimalist.’ It’s convenient too, for in the dead centre you’ll search for flights, a position where it is probably most aptly situated so that users can Cleartrip moblle app Reviewsconcentrate or so that its importance can be highlighted.

All the service with their generic icons are located, meanwhile, at the left of the flight search section. Later on, we see that their Cleartrip mobile app has 7 million users and is easy to download on your gadget: missed call 88808-40088 to get the necessary link via SMS.

A link to their FAQs page is here. Noted are the Cleartrip for Business, “Simplifying Business Travel” offering and their own blog which is mostly about Cleartrip and its activities.

Contact information

For further details about, kindly refer to the following contact details.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +91 9595 333 333 (standard STD / local charges apply)
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Cleartrip, Unit No 001, Ground Floor, DTC Bldg, Sitaram Mills Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Delisle Road, Lower Parel (E) Mumbai – 400011

Cleartrip logo ReviewsIn Conclusion

Most negative Cleartrip reviews pertain to specific experiences such as pricing or customer service. These are often concerns with any travel company. That being said, Cleartrip is still worth a try. Go milk it for what it is worth and see for yourself how you can feel about it in the end. All those Cleartrip reviews may be from different sides, so do see what yours is. Do you think that this is a plausible direction to take? What else can you say about this Cleartrip review?


Cleartrip Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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3 Responses to Cleartrip Reviews

  1. Tanith R. says:

    This site’s a scam!! They rip you off, don’t do anything to help you when you got to contact them and make it such a problem straightening things out. barely average service quality and ‘riddled’ with operation defects!

  2. Jessa S. says:

    Woudn’t trust this site if they got too many reviews indicating they’re a scam, even here with Tanith, looks pretty dodgy to me, they’ll need to “look better,” or risk their reputation be muddied.

  3. Vincent T. says:

    No matter what you guys say, this brand seems trustable, I say give it a try; I liek their site.

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