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Compass Airlines Reviews

Compass Airlines Reviews
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Compass Airlines Reviews

A compass is an old device that helps travellers tell the direction and will help them accurately navigate through a particular place. It is a nifty gadget that is much prized if you want your travels to be complete with an air of history and convenience.

Compass Airlines reviews point us in a certain direction with respect to an airline from the United States. This particular airline has a varied history with a colourful leader at its helm and a bright future ahead of it.

Where it Came From

Compass Airlines is an American regional airline founded in 2006. The airline’s headquarters are at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport, Fort Snelling, Minnesota. It has a fleet size of 59 flying to 50 destinations and is wholly owned by Trans States Holdings after being sold by Delta Airlines. It flies as American Eagle and Delta Connection.

Compass Airlines CEO President Reviews

President and CEO of Compass Airlines Douglas M. Steenland

Douglas M. Steenland is the President and CEO a of Compass Airlines. Having an extensive record with top positions in various travel-related companies, has a B.A. in History from Calvin College. Hilton on top of a J.D. (juris doctor) from the National Law Center at George Washington University.

People’s Comments

Compass Airlines reviews fringe on the negative, having a score of 1 out of 5 on Some reviewers claim that they need better training in all aspects of their service. They generally perform well, but the extent of this has a veil drawn over it; there are few real Compass Airlines reviews available.

We see, on the other hand, that their website passes off as competent. It has a simple appearance and good imagery. Visiting it will give you an experience that you are able to acquire the information that you need while the other aspects remain attractive. The airline Compass Airlines cabin crew Reviewscould definitely benefit from more Compass Airlines reviews yet our own Compass Airline review praise their official website and their apparent service.

Compass Airlines’ Website

Compassairline’s design is pretty straightforward, you’ll be lead to their home page where you can click on the image icons that will lead you to text about Passengers, Careers or About Us. These same categories and options are to be seen on the site’s upper tabs. It’s a good-looking website; their pictures are not only interesting but relevant.

Eventually, you’ll be  be lead to their Delta website or their American Airlines website wherein you can properly check in, check your flight status and book a flight. It is this latter website that is similarly clean-looking and nice to look at, they show here that they have special assistance to passengers who may need preferential treatment such as children who are travelling alone or people bound to wheelchairs.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 703 631 71 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 703 631 14 36
  • Head Office Address: 7500 Airline Drive, Suite 130, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55450, USA

Needs More Exposure

Compass Airlines airplane ReviewsWhat we need are more Compass Airlines reviews as we expect to learn more, curious, about them after Compass Airlines airplane Reviewsbeing piqued reading their origins and ownership. They are a moderate airline in terms of their official website which looks professional and well thought out. We can expect that their service is similar in performance and general impression.

We hope that you have more Compass Airlines reviews to add, feel free to include them below.


Compass Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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