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DealBase Reviews

DealBase Reviews
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DealBase Reviews

DealsBase reviews are all about the company’s service as seen from their clients’ perspectives. It is amazing to know that they combine two powerful words in business and rocket off from there: deals and base.

With this name, customers are promised that they are in good hands. DealBase brings you one step closer to a happy place where you are at home anywhere in the most cost-efficient and trouble-free way.

Further Information about Where they Are From

DealBase ReviewsBasically, DealBase is a search engine that assists their users in finding the best deals online. You will eventually get lead to the main websites where you can find out more about a service and then book it. DealBase indicates that they are not an online travel agency in this sense but a means to access other websites where you can complete your booking.

According to their About page, here are some of the thousands of sources which they pull up: “airline and hotel websites, email newsletters, private hotel offers, rewards programs and online travel agencies.” Furthermore, DealBase’s search results are displayed consistently to that viewers can better spot any miniscule differences between the hotel deals.

The enterprise started out with Sam Shank’s frustration over finding a travel website which would answer his needs. He couldn’t find one that could adequately do all the functions which the future DealBase would pioneer such as comparison-making and sharing. He, with David Hehman and Howard Love, launched DealBase in November 2008.

DealBase CEO Reviews

DealBase CEO Clem Bason

Its current CEO is Clem Bason. He graduated from the  University of California at Berkeley and the University of Delaware. He is also married with two boys and lives with his family in Oakland.                                   

Comments from their Customers

People on give DealBase the DealBase reviews it deserves. The site, according to people online , constantly gives them them the lowest fares possible in an an easy comparable format.

The nature of DealBase makes them a frequently visited online website. Several people online call it the best website, saying that they only travel using it. Someone even said that they could be called “StealBase” due to its success at finding comparatively low deals all the time and delivering until the end of the trip.

Their Official Website

DealBase website ReviewsThe website at is streamlined and beautiful in black. The rest are bold-formatted images and search engines in a similarly large size.

At the upper portion of the page, you’ll find links for hotels, flights and cars.  licking on any of these would lead you to a page like their home page. You’ll be greeted by an array of available hotels and other deals with their discounted prices and percent of discount situated near them.

If you want to reach their help section, go to this link. Other than that, their website is a wonderful visit. The rates they have for hotels are unbelievable. If they work out fine in the end, DealBase is inarguably one of the best you can encounter. They seem complicated but they are actually really efficient.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 310-929-0680
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Manhattan Beach, California

In Conclusion

DealBase banner ReviewsOverall, DealBase really impressed me. From the majority of high-ranking DealBase reviews to our impressions of them, we come up with several resources to back our judgement.

My opinion is that they are a wonderful, high-supporting staff. If only they paid more attention to whatever weakness they may possess. They would certainly, by dint of their technology, reach these spots and make them brighter.

Do you have anything to add to this  DealBase review? Kindly let us know here.


DealBase Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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