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Published on September 17th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Directline-holidays Review

Directline-holidays Review
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Directline-holidays Review

An online travel agency website, once set up, should have everything you need to plan a trip. Everything offers something new, and Directline-holidays focuses on conquering their media and incorporating travel specialists to give a traveller the optimum flight deal.

Since it’s online, more and more people can discover it. Despite the sheer number of websites being launched everyday and the competition that they are entering, each also has its own unique point. This sets them apart from everyone else, and the fact that a travel agency has a website can be one way to maneuver the nature of an online presence.

Its Direct Origins

Directline-holidays is a travel company started out back in 1993 when the Internet was fairly young, and has been a travel agent pioneering in new media. It was founded by Antony Bradley and Matthew Flint and covers a wide range of holiday packages and other travel services such as cars and hotels.

Their website began in 2000 and in 2003, this was changed to The company’s committed to giving their customers the best that they’ve got. This Directline-holidays review examines the website according to their customers’ personal experience and its other key qualities.

Directlines-holidays siteReview

As an agency, they also have live agents who can share their travel knowledge with customers. With these individuals, you can actually book your flight and collect peace of mind at the same time. However, Directline-holidays is relatively unknown outside of the United Kingdom. They currently have more than 70 staff members across the U.K.

Directly from the People

Users have noticed that actually offers rates a little higher than others. Sometimes, the prices are subject to change, and when this happens, problems arise.

Their service comes under fire or fails altogether. Others become so fed up with their customer support, who they say apparently care little, that they’d recommend others to use a different website. The staff do not always respond to concerns in time and when you converse with them on the phone, there can be further misunderstanding and disagreement. In Directline-holidays, there are “two sides to the same story,” a mix of good and bad reviews.

Their Website Appearance

Visit their website and see that the texts can be too long and distracting. This isn’t always a problem; even if informative, it is possibly tiresome. On the other hand, the content of their site is limited to only the most important travel information, they also value the privacy of their online users.

Late Deals is one of their upper tabs, opening into a new section offering relatively, reasonably priced destinations. When you search for the latter, you need only enter the location, when, boarding details and rating that you desire. Countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy and the U.S.A. are some of their featured places. At the bottom-left, you can safely enter your e-mail address and receive Holiday Deals and Offers.

Directlines-holidays deals Review

Directlines-holidays offers Review

They are known for all-inclusive deals, arranged through the website or via their call centre. Other specialisations are their beach holidays, city breaks and flights.

The company has e-mail service and call centres to answer any of your questions. It is their promise to respond within 48 hours.

There have been inevitable issues with their specific service, counting from wrong, failed or misplaced bookings to payment. In these related issues, discouraging reviews usually form.

This Directline-holidays review sees that a number of mostly negative experiences are recounted about the agency. Primarily because of this lack of information, online users have rash impressions. The company should have more of positive than of negative if it wants to strengthen its popularity,

Contact information

Wrapping Things Up

Directline-holidays has its strong and weak points, except that the latter significantly overshadows the former in terms of online presence. When you’re searching for the right agency, people online also tend to do background research and in this case, are often dismayed at how little information they do find, or what exactly it says about the company.

If they want to be more well-known, they should tweak their operations, give their customers more valued quality and improve what they’ve got going on for them.

Directlines-holidays holiday Review


Directline-holidays Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Bob 5 says:

    After reading this, I’m still undecided. It’s got good and bad points but it did help.

  2. S. Morris 54 says:

    (agree with Bob 5) In this article, you covered most angles. Great, you really helped me make my decision about online sites.

  3. KC. Y. says:

    So they DO have live agents? I hope that with that they’ll be able to help their customers out a little more. They seem to be giving off all the wrong impressions.

  4. Liza Williams says:

    After using this site, you’ll not want to recommend it to others too. Go save yourself the trouble and look for something that fulfils its promises.

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