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Published on September 28th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Dohop Review

Dohop Review
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Dohop Review

Online travel websites use different methods to search for services. In this Dohop review, we look at a travel website that has been winning accolades for its performance in the industry. is a website with a unique technology that zeroes in on the best flight and flight-related deals in an instant.

People are always looking out for the best travel packages available. With, they can do that and learn more in the process. Look at this Dohop review to discover more about the website.

Where it was Founded is a free travel website where users can quickly search for flights, cars and hotels online. They use a special technology that first searches for the best flights and then the best prices. It is a flight meta-search engine that sometimes sells its technology to third parties. Mainly, it earns through advertisements and other payments from partners.

Dohop was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters at Reykjavik, Iceland. Its current CEO is David Gunnarsson who has held the position since February 2015. He was born on July 24, 1980 and was educated at Haskoli Islands and the University of Iowa. He is a proficient guitarist who lists the financial and online travel sectors as his career experience.

Dohop CEO Review

Dohop’s CEO since February 2015, David Gunnarsson

Recently, won as 2014’s World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website. At the 2015 World Travel Awards, they are yet again nominated as the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website. In 2007, Time Magazine selected it as one the 100 Best Travel Sites.

People Using It

Most if not all comments about are positive. The negative aspects of using their site are when one is lead to the airline website and discovers additional fees over the price seen at Dohop.

People, however, love the fact that the prices are the actual prices. They almost always get it cheaper than other websites. Most customer reviewers recount saving a significant amount using the site. Some have even successfully tested it against other travel search engines, and Dohop always performs greatly. Matt Long of Landlopers described it as “one of the few, honest travel search sites that actually do live up their promise and provide the consumer with some of the lowest fares available.”

Dohop site Review

Looking at their Website

As we see in this Dohop review, the website has a Travel Guide for countries, cities, airports and a travel planner and their own blog. They have searches for flights, cars and hotels on their main page. With their car rental search, you’ll have access to car rental agencies giving their lowest prices.

Dohop site 2 Review

On Dohop Go! you can further look for the cheapest flights and at the Dohop Staff Picks. Dohop has been highly recognised in the industry, and you’ll pretty much be impressed looking around at their website.

Most people online say that they like the appearance of their website. They love how easy it is to use and how it usually lists the lowest fares. Although the lowest fares don’t come up all the time, the site still gives its users one of the best travel searches they could find online.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number; (354) 561-4848
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Noatun 17, Reykjavík, 105. ISL

Concluding Words

This Dohop review sees that the website is one the most highly-reputed in the travel industry. It’s got a clean-looking user interface and is relatively easier to use than most. Comparing it to other sites of its kind leads to its winning out cost-wise.

It’s pretty inspiring to conduct your travels with You’re sure to get a good deal using it. The fares that they show are one of the lowest and with the positive reputation that they have, they’re only going to reach greater achievements.

Dohop Go! Review

Dohop logo Review

Would you use when you travel?


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    I tried this site on my own, it really works. it’s got the best technology out there, definitely recommend them! Thumbs up!!

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