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Published on September 9th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Ebookers Online Travel Agency Review

Ebookers Online Travel Agency Review
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Ebookers Online Travel Agency Review

Travel agencies have their own ways of growing from small, fledgeling counters to dominant enterprises.They’re there to help make things easier for travellers all over the world and bringing business online zips through the entire process. It’s great to have the option to book and have the assistance of an online travel agency especially when more traditional means of doing so are unavailable.

Origins and Ownership

Ebookers was founded in 1999 by Dinesh Dhamija with organization Orbitz as its parent. Dhamija was born in 1950 in Australia and has Indian roots. He’s the founder, former Chairman and CEO of Ebookers. Dhamija got his MA in law from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University in 1974. He shares in his personal website, “Currently, I direct sustainable projects in India and Romania, am a key-note speaker on entrepreneurship and play an active role in charities in the UK and around the world.”


Dinesh Dhamija, successful CEO of large online travel agency Ebookers was born in Australia and is now among the wealthiest Asians in the United Kingdom.

When he began Ebookers in 1999, it was a hit in the United Kingdom, where it was the first of its kind back when the Internet was still relatively young. Dhamija’s estimated worth is around 100 million pounds. 

What people are saying

However, people online rant about how ineffective Ebookers is as a travel agency website. Problems from all kinds of sectors contribute to a negative image that it has when you’re looking at random reviews and it’s kind of difficult to get a positive one. Someone posted that the agency’s a scam which was quickly refuted by one of its supporters. In this case, when it’s bad it’s really bad, but it doesn’t exactly lack its own set of fans. It’s still a pioneer in its field and one of the most successful travel agency websites in Europe. There’s really nothing wrong with it, it’s just that the positive reviews are hard to come by yet this doesn’t hurt Ebookers’ reputation that much.

Booking on their Website

Ebookers has an app for Android, iPhone and iPad. It’s easy and convenient to book your travels this way. One great thing about their website is the flight deals with information about discounts and offers; it shows how much you’ll be saving and has a rating system right on top of the image.

Ebookers Online Travel Agency mobile app Review

A screenshot of their app that helps in convenient booking

One can have their flight altered but this usually comes with a cost. Notable site features are the Where Next Finder where one can check out fantastic new destinations. Book flight, hotels and car services in different combinations and get fabulous discounts.

Ebookers provides 24/7 customer care but their live chat support is only available Monday to Saturday from 8 am – 8 pm GMT. Other options to contact Ebookers are through phone and e-mail.

There have been scary issues in the past regarding Ebookers’ booking. Some who had used the site had not received a confirmation for 24 hours and started panicking. Having financial information can be intimidating and credit card authorisation transactions can leave one feeling unsure about what to do next.

More Information about Ebookers

Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom and its online travel agency presence pans out across 12 European countries.

Ebookers strives to be the best deal in the region with its innovative practices. In 2003, Dhamija was recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Management Today magazine. Ebookers in 2015 won the Best Travel & Loyalty Scheme for its programme Bonus + Rewards at the Engagement & Loyalty awards.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
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  • Head Office Address: London, United Kingdom

Despite its grand history, Ebookers still suffers from a semi-bad reputation. Not many people would be encouraged to do business with them as review platforms often discuss negative experiences with their travel agency. It’s a great travel agency website and one of Europe’s leaders but the buzz around it tends to drown out its other strengths. We hope you enjoyed this Ebookers Online Travel Agency Review and continue to view the other reviews we’ve done!


Ebookers Online Travel Agency Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. HelpmeoutTravel says:

    This company’s huge. It started small though but now that I’ve read this review, it just adds to their credibility even if there’s mixed feelings.

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    Sounds like a grat site.

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    I like this site! 😀

  4. Burt W. says:

    After seeing all those negative reviews, who wants to try out using Ebookers? They seem to have too many of those that it’s starting to look untrustable.

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