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EDreams Review

EDreams Review
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Online travel agencies usually promise their customers that they’re getting a great deal. But why would people go to an online travel agency website and not simply book directly with the airline instead? The latter seems to be less of a risk and does simplify matters.

One needs to build trust with a reputed online travel agency website and looking at it and reading reviews about it can prepare you with making your ultimate decision. They do save you on costs and having their professional expertise will eventually warm you to plan your next adventure with them. Their services are there to help your travel experience be more efficient and informative.

Here’s a look at one of Europe’s leading travel companies, eDreams:

EDreams website Review

eDreams at a Glance

eDreams was originally created in March 1999 and its current CEO is Dana Philip Dunne. He has dual citizenship, American and British. Dunne had his start in the travel industry back in 2009 when he was Chief Operating Officer of British airline easyJet and has been eDream Odigeo’s CEO since January 2015. eDreams is one of eDream Odigeo’s leading brands. It was back in 2012 that Mr. Dunne entered eDreams as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

eDreams CEO

Mr. Dana Dunne took over eDreams from its previous CEO and now Honorary Chairman  Javier Perez-Tenessa de Block

He has a liking for instilling digitisation into his practices and reaching out to his team and their company’s 15 million customers. His education definitely prepared him for his future roles: he has a degree in Economics from Wesleyan University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Wharton. He’s a great business visionary with high expectations for staff and a desire for his company to excel.

“Great trips start with great prices” is the slogan eDreams uses. eDreams’ Dana Dunne comes across as being revolutionary, seeking to expand, fully utilising their online presence and perfecting features and apps eDreams has. He says it’s all about their product and service; let’s learn more about how people view the brand and their website:

What the eDreams Website Looks Like

EDreams Review

edreams has a single, universal website written in English and 33 localised ones in different parts of the world. At first glance, their website looks like it’s the product of eDreams’ advocacy to improve their online appearance. It’s got a bright blue and yellow color scheme and immediate links at the top to the main services that it offers as an online travel agency: flight, car and hotel reservations.

Its seems to lack in further information though, though this doesn’t have to be such a negative point. Their official website is relatively easy to navigate and visually stimulating with its block or icon type images and features to be seen at its lower portion. Overall, however, the website looks like it’s too new and gives off a simple impression that later customers echo when they comment on eDreams’ reliability. It does have its magazines and travel guide Dreamguides; the fares look relatively low and despite its basic design, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for because their site means business.

People on their Service

The main issue with eDreams the travel agency is that they feel it’s better to try other agencies with less hassle. The prices on their website seem too good to be true and quick comparisons lead them to be wary of eDreams’ services.

edreams bloglow

One lengthy online account basically discourages those interested in eDreams, citing for one, its terrible customer service. As is usually the case with customer support, lack of any real resolution just leaves customers really frustrated with the company and most people complain that they’re being shuttled too much from one department to another. Apparently, as time passes, the overall costs of doing business with eDreams compound to make up for repairing any issues or even simply contacting them. Others, meanwhile, tell eDreams to put their clients at the top of their priority.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  00 34 934 92 05 33
  • Head Office Address: Catalonia, Spain


Overall, eDreams has everything else going on for it: a great, colourful website and experienced leadership in the person of its current CEO Dana Philip Dunne.

Reviews about it however remark that it is rather unprofessional, as customers will often cite customer service as their issue. All the main products and services are there though, and Dunne oversees that their main functions as a travel website run smoothly and excellently. And in this case, they should look closer at their customer support reputation and maintain the quality of their official website. We hope you enjoyed this EDreams Review, come back again for other online travel agency reviews!


EDreams Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. John Graham says:

    Greatest looking images I’ve seen so far here. This looks really good.

  2. Ianna Donaldson says:

    I’ll take all these polnts and look at that website now, thanks!

  3. Maverick says:

    Hmmm, looks like a lot of traffic for eDreams. Pretty colorful images. I liked the article and its kind of writing style for blogs. Greaat! Would love to see more,!

  4. Jonah S. says:

    Great things come with great prices? They should fix that and their stark website as they go. They should put interested parties first on their priority list.

  5. Anne Ripley says:

    Whoa! They have bad customer service, that really looks bad. Who else is gonna trust this site?

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