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Published on November 19th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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Going online is best done if you’re short on time and want to absorb the most from a single website such as which hails from China. A lot of websites promise to be the best resource for their users but fall short for some or other reason and it’s best to trust one which will provide not only logo Reviewsincomparably efficient customer service but great timely content as well.

These reviews look deeper into the travel website and how its design and tools can help us make the right decisions.

Looking at its History

ELong’s business vision is “To become China’s leading hotel booking marketplace.” They are China’s leading accommodations reservations system accessible through your mobile or online. Their repository includes more than 500,000 properties from all over the world and they accommodate their users in hotels, guesthouses and apartments among other lodgings. CEO Reviews

CEO of Hao Jiang

Furthermore, you can arrange airfare tickets and train tickets with their means of reservations: through a tablet, their official website or by contacting a customer support representative.

Mr Hao Jiang has been the company’s CEO since July 2015. Born in 1973, he is skilled in product development and software. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

What do People have to Say about them?

We want to find any Reviews to heighten our interest in them but there are none online. We expect a Chinese clientele of this website and that they concentrate as much on their support as they do with the meticulousness of their site.

We can forego the search for reviews in favour of our own judgement on their website. The latter suffices for any curious visitor and is jam-packed with valuable information that can definitely help you find an accommodation. Not only do they show their desired deals, they also provide background specials on places and tools that can help you build an image of where best to stay.

Their Official Website

Visiting their website is fine. It towers over the rest in terms of the sheer number of links it gives us leading to various pages, some of which are lists, descriptions and registration forms.

Its strength lies in feeling new and it’s successful on those terms. Because of their approach at innovation, they include an outbound link to TripAdvisor reviews around the bottom of their home page. Their site is filled with fresh features such as Travel Tools, guides and maps for your information. website ReviewsOnline, you can create your trip given their compact-looking search engine geared for finding hotels and flights. In other parts of their website, you can view their offered Top Deals or look at their Great Destinations from China and various places around the globe. Their customer support is available 24/7 when you call +86-10-84577827.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 86-10-6436-7570
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 86-10-6438-6830
  • Head Office Address: 3rd Floor, Tower B, Xingke Building 10 Middle JiuXianQiao Road Chaoyang District, Beijing China 100015

It’s Effective and Fresh

Looking at their website, you can observe that they thought about their layout and meant well when they added certain tools or features. Their team really wants to help you which fuels their round the clock availability. We see from these reviews, that the rest of their site is interesting and informative. You can learn a lot besides actually reserving a hotel for your trip.

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    Their site looks like it’ll lag a lot, it has too much links and mine’s yet to but I’m aware that some sites can have overloaded content.

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