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Emirates Reviews

Emirates Reviews
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Emirates Reviews

Emirates logo Reviews

Flying by plane used to have different purposes. Earlier on, they were used for cargo or during the war. We know them by different names and attach different meanings to our impressions of them but ultimately, flight has helped speed up global development. Time is of the essence and flying a plane definitely had a hand in bridging the world’s gaps.

These Emirates reviews looks at an airline that not only serves its purposes but lavishes its passengers with hospitality, generosity and warmth. This airline from the U.A.E. is one of the world’s most prominent, let’s see what connotations people attach to this brand in this Emirates review.

A Brief Overview

Emirates Airway is the largest airline in the Middle East considering revenue, fleet size and the number of passengers carried. It is also the world’s largest international carrier. In this case, it has a fleet size of 222 and flies to 164 destinations.

Emirates has its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 1985 and started operating on October 25, 1985. The airline has its hub at the Dubai International Airport. Its company slogan meanwhile is “Fly Emirates Hello Tomorrow.”

Sir Timothy Charles Clark KBE is the current President and CEO of Emirates. He has been its President since 2003. Born in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles on November 22, 1949, he is a British citizen whose hometown is Birmingham, United Kingdom. Clark is a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE).

Emirates President CEO Reviews

Emirates’ President and CEO Sir Timothy Charles Clark KBE

In 2014, Emirates was awarded “Aviation Company of the year” by the Aviation Industry Awards. Business Traveller (ME) Awards also named it “Best Airline Worldwide.”

Customers’ Comments

Customers, according to some Emirates reviews, found the food and cabin to be be excellent. Some people were offered caviar and great wine. They greatly appreciated the swift check-in procedures and the interiors which were spacious enough. More than that, people loved the entertainment system: the large number of media that they could watch, listen to or play.

Emirates cabin ReviewsEmirates food Reviews

David Gummers says that Emirates is the “most relaxing way to travel.” Everything seen on their airline seems to be the highest class, they even have heated shower-room floors. They “definitely recommend” this world-class, luxurious airline to anyone interested.

Its Official Website

If we base these Emirates reviews on the website we’ll see how clean and professional their design concept is. They focus on the most important content and their site in itself is very informative. It comes across as extremely polished.

As with other airline websites, Emirates allows their passengers to check their flights, check in and manage their booking online. They could also check their flight status. You could also book a flight, hotel or rent a car through their website.

Emirates site Reviews

Their entertainment system is a powerful force steaming 2,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games. They serve specialty wine and tea to First Class passengers on bone china ware and as with the Business Class. A sample menu for Economy Class includes smoked tuna, chicken breast, cheese with chocolates.

Emirates Skywards is their frequent flyer program. Its tiers typically increase in benefits and advantages upwards. They are as follows: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Privileges across all four include priority check-in and boarding and lounge access. Gold and Platinum membership give you as much as a guaranteed seat on full flights. Blue and Silver both give one instant upgrades on Miles.

For more information, offers and updates about Singapore Airlines, kindly take a look at their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +971 4286 4066 6 005 555 55
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +971 4295 0758
  • Head Office Address: Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


These Emirates reviews display an airline that is strong, sleek and sophisticated. It’s a powerful force in the industry, with a relevant, timely official website and wonderful cabin conditions and customer service. It’s one airline to really prioritise and be prioritised.

The good number of positive reviews about it rave about its exemplary services. Overall, many people online recommend it to others. After reading these Emirates reviews, what do you think of Emirates? Would you try it for yourself?  Share it with us here.

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