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English.ctrip Reviews

English.ctrip Reviews
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English.ctrip Reviews

English.ctrip logo ReviewsWith a company name that sounds very professional, backed by a well-tended website, Ctrip is in the right direction. We all expect great things from China’s leader in travel, and we can see from visiting their site to reading a few English.ctrip reviews that people and reviewers vary in their perception and reception of them.

Not only do we rely on English.ctrip reviews but on our own opinions as well, from what we can see and experience on our own. First impressions last when it comes to major companies and first hand accounts even more so.

Bringing their History to Light

Ctrip International Ltd. was founded in Shanghai, China in 1999. Some of their offered services, according to their official website, include “accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management.” Their tickets meanwhile involve airfare, train and bus services.

English.ctrip Co-Founder CEO Reviews

English.ctrip Co-Founder and CEO Jianzhang Liang

In 2014, the company expanded to North America by investing in ToursForFun. Among its Asian regional expansion were Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. They represent more than 1,000,000 hotels in over 200 countries which you can reserve through their site while their air tickets span more than 5,000 cities. The company’s employee count is over 30,000 people and they have offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

Its Co-Founder and CEO is Jianzhang “James” Liang, a Master’s degree holder of Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He had held this particular position since March 2013. With Qi Ji, Nanpeng Shen and Min Fan, he cofounded Ctrip. Liang also possesses a Phd. in Economics from Stanford University.

Discover People’s Comments on their Website and Service

English.ctrip reviews may come across as negative. They’re usually about the refunding process, with problems arising regarding its delay or with communicating with them about this. Their end, according to other English.ctrip reviews, also seldom reply to inquiries. Some people online complain that Ctrip takes forever to answer calls and emails.

Other reviewers, this time on, commented on their “different” styled website which nevertheless got them to where they wanted. On the other hand, some discourage others from using it based on their bad English.ctrip reviews with customer or general service.

A Trip Through their Website

English.ctrip website ReviewsYou can easily appreciate the layout of their website, it spans the entire page but won’t make you feel lost. It’s great to look at: colour scheme is a bright vibrant blue juxtaposed against yellow.

They have the options for Flights, Hotels, Trains and Vacation Packages as well as options to subscribe to their great deals, at the middle center of the page. However, most of their featured content are relating to Hotels where you can see their most popular hotels or their hotel offers.

Through their FAQs page, you can view the three main ways that you can get your answers: through their page FAQs, calling them at their Mainland China office at  400 619 9999 or through their email service at For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

I think that their website at is remarkably convenient. There’s something really refreshing about the way that it was presented that doesn’t rely on its background colours. Perhaps it is because the image and font sizes are perfect. The entire appearance is highly appealing and conducive to a productive visit.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (86 21) 34064880
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (86 21) 54261600
  • Head Office Address: No. 99 Fu Quan Road, Shanghai, PRC, 200335

A Mix of Opposites

English.ctrip banner promo code ReviewsI liked their website, it was, as one reviewer in his English.ctrip review mentioned, “different.” More on refreshing, the new ambiance you get when you use them gets translated to coldness in demeanour as evinced by some disappointed English.ctrip reviews. English.ctrip may look and feel young, but they are also lacking in their customer service skills.

We hope that people get what they want from a fair website and then overlook whatever issues they face moving forwards in hopes that they treat the latter as common weaknesses of any company no matter where from.

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English.ctrip Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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