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Etihad Airways Review

Etihad Airways Review
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Flying can be a luxury for some who had rarely flown before. We have seen a lot of changes in the aviation industry from its original history with airplanes at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, fliers look like cultured members of society who want to see more of the world that they live in. What began as a small, albeit important business has become a status symbol and a ticket to far-off places.

It’s a wonderful experience to be able to fly, especially if it’s with an airline that does not stop at service but constantly aims for greatness.

A Middle-Eastern Airline

Etihad Airways is Dubai’s national airline which was established in July 2003 and started its operations in November of that year. It was originally sprung by decree from royal Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan back in 2003. Its CEO is Australian James Hogan, born on November 28, 1956 in Melbourne. He has been Etihad Airways’ President and CEO since September 10, 2006.  He’s also won awards for his leadership, collecting the CAPA Airline Executive of the Year 2012 Award during the Centre for Aviation’s global awards for excellence and leadership.

Etihad Airways Review

James Hogan, CEO, poses with an Etihad Airways airplane model

Etihad Airways is one of the Middle East’s most prominent airlines and the United Arab Emirates’ second largest. Its main base or hub is Abu Dhabi International and it has a fleet of 70 aircraft. Last 2008, the airline made a massive order, one of the largest in aviation history, for 205 new aircraft. The airways is poised towards overall growth and expansion nestled in one the world’s most luxurious sites.

The Contents of Etihad Airways’ Official Website

The overall appearance of their website can absolutely win one over, it’s really convincing and professional-looking with features on things like Travel, Experience and Service. On their official website, customers have the option to upgrade their flight. Like most airlines, they have special assistance for certain passengers. Checking in online can be done from 2 days to 24 hours of your departure and one can also check on their flight status here. Some departure cities utilise mobile boarding passes while the airline, like most, also has its own mobile website for smartphone available in either English or Arabic and designed with easy navigation.

Deals from wherever you are are on the website’s main page so that your main concerns are immediately addressed. From this page’s upper portion are options to book cars, groups and chauffeurs. Also, it offers a variety of promising events their passengers may be interested in. Consistent with Arabian culture, shopping options are also shown here.

Their official website manages to combine a lot of text with the right amount of images, the descriptions accompanying the image contain just the right amount of information that reviewing their site becomes a satisfying experience that reflects well on their company. It’s all really organised and going to where you want to go online is easy.

The airline focuses significantly on keeping their guests happy and has a wide array of centre locations, customer feedback and surveys online for anyone who wants to reach out to them.

Etihad Airways Review

One of Etihad Airways’ Premium lounges

Some Noteworthy Comments about their Service gives Etihad Airways a 3 out of 5 rating in each of these criteria: Food and Entertainment, Inflight Entertainment, Seat Comfort, Staff Service and Value for Money. As expected from a brand from the Middle East, their first class services had been described as impressive at most. The inflight luxuries, too, are highly recommended with customer experiences enjoying the higher classes of the airline.

Their customer service is acknowledged as wonderful. The staff come off as friendly and hand personalised items to children. The food and entertainment is great and the other amenities and areas of the plane are well-tended to.

Etihad Airways service Review

Most of these glowing reviews, however, pertain to the Business classes, whereas the Economy classes had some expectedly poorer feedback. Most people would always think better of a higher airline class and they advise Etihad Airways in particular to pay more attention on making their lower flight classes keep up. Passenger seating has likewise been a problem.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
    Contact number: +97 125 11 0000
    Contact Email
    Fax Number: +97 125 05 8111
    Head Office Address: New Airport Road, PO Box 35566, Head office, Khalifa, United Arab Emirates w Airport Road, PO Box 35566, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Etihad Airways is highly recommended to travellers. It possesses high ratings on review sites and a reputation for enhanced facilities, lounges and a commendable dining and entertaining system. Everyone here is treated with great respect and their worldwide slogans of “you being their guest” re-imagines the world of flying.

From whatever source you refer to online or via experience, Etihad Airways leaves a positive impression on most people. Begin with their official website and be thoroughly convinced by the grand gestures that their team takes to make your flight experience with them a memorable one. It is from that customers begin a great journey that will gratify anyone’s travels.

Etihad Airways Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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