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Everts Air Reviews

Everts Air Reviews
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Everts Air Reviews

Everts Air logo ReviewsGoing around a particular area is made all the more convenient with the help of a handy airline that would take you where you want to go no matter the purpose. This airline Everts Air was created to provide flights within Alaska and has since then undergone various business changes that reflect that no matter what Everts Air reviews say and how their website keeps up, they still provide effective service.

A Brief Look at Everts Air Background

Everts Air CEO Reviews

Cliff Everts and Rob Everts, President of Everts Air

Everts Air is a Fairbanks, Alaska-based airline founded in 1993. The airline flies passengers and cargo to places in Alaska and Canada. Its main hub is at Fairbanks International Airport with a secondary hub at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. It has a fleet size of 26 aircraft and has as its company slogan, “Legendary Aircraft. Extraordinary Service.”

The family-owned business is headed by President Robert W. Everts. Everts Air’s sister company is Everts Air Fuel, which was run by his father Clifford Everts since 1980. Everts Air since split into Everts Air Alaska and Everts Air Cargo.

People’s Comments

ev bannerEverts Air reviews are difficult to come by. Mostly you will see DVDs about their airplanes on retail websites and other ratings of their service from accreditation reviews. However, actual Everts Air reviews are very rare and you won’t find any comment from anyone.

Despite this, it can be gleaned from their website that they make a point to share a lot of information to their customers and truly assist them in making arrangements. Their site isn’t particularly impressive but it serves its purpose and has a variety of special points, self-descriptions and job announcements that can be the stuff of possible positive Everts Air reviews.

Everts Website

Everts Air website ReviewsEverts Air’s website looks classic and is informative. A rather large portion of it is reserved for advertising job positions and their own company contact numbers and addresses.

They show the tabs for Cargo and Passenger which are their airline’s services. A lot of other pertinent links are to be found on their page, you can view the kinds of aircraft which they have and their list of destinations.

At the bottom of their home page, they show links about Alaska. It is also in this area that they describe themselves as “The Everts Experience A Clear Difference In Air Cargo.” Overall their site is laden with key succinctly laid out details and there’s no unnecessary inclusions. Their website design is also satisfactory and it has a relaxing, dark-coloured appearance with great imagery and fairly modern interactive features.

A link to their FAQs page is in here. Call out their attention by filling up a form through this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 907-450-2323
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 6111 Lockheed Ave, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States

In Conclusion

Everts Air plane ReviewsTheir website is a moderately great one and you can tell that their company is a reputable one. Though not very old in existence, it has a vintage style that is tied down to our impression of the brand. Their service is a mystery, with few Everts Air reviews but from their official website at, we can see that they are at least average in performance.

If you have anything more to add to this Everts Air review, kindly leave a comment below.


Everts Air Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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  1. Ana P. says:

    Thanks for exposing this little-known airline to me. I just visited their site and I’d love to comment that I agree with you points! This is such a quaint, picturesque airline that’s a charmer.

  2. Katie Souze says:

    I agree, i like this airline a lot and I hope that they continue with this kind of service and stay strong! Cool, nice review and fairly nice website. 😀

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