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Published on July 2nd, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Expedia Reviews

Expedia Reviews
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Expedia Reviews

Travel exposes you to different perspectives, experiences, history, culture, religions and ultimately a better self. Good thing traveling is made easy thanks to the aviation industry. With the aid of sites like Expedia, booking flights and comparing rates between airlines has become the norm, but let’s take a look at Expedia and see what people have to say.

The Company

Expedia is an American-based company. Founded in 1996 by Richard Barton and the headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington, United States.



The headquarters.

The Company Claims

In union with the different airlines they’re associated  with, the company claims to be serving their customers with the best deals and packages, claiming they  provide the lowest rates among competitors.

Take A Deeper Look

30% of the complaints focus on “unsatisfactory customer Service”, “limited knowledge”, “misinformation” and 70% of the complaints are about customers not being accepted at their hotels because no reservation was made. Not a fun situation.

Own your Mistakes and Improve

A business is always about customers, period!  It is a rule for every company to hire, train and equip employees with the tools and answers they need to satisfy their customers. A happy employee means a happy customer.  Bottomline?  The customers are the people that will decide if your business goes boom or bust.

The Last Part

The company wouldn’t have survived 20  years in if they were doing it ALL wrong right? So give them the benefit of the doubt.  Despite all of the negativity, Expedia does deserve a second chance to prove everyone wrong.


Expedia Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy

Expedia complaints

Price - 56%
Customer Service - 40%

Summary: Serious problem with


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