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Ezeego1 Reviews

Ezeego1 Reviews
Rate this post Reviews logo ReviewsWherever Ezeego got its name is a mystery; its ties to its Hindu-speaking nation is reinforced by the attention the online travel company pays to its domestic service and maintenance of its individuality while being presented internationally.

Ezeego reviews show us the extent and details of their actual performance based on customers’ comments. We’re given a privileged insider look into what we expect to be an object of our fascination that is filled with life and convenience.

Easing our Way into its History

Ezeego is an Indian online travel agency founded on December 20, 2006. According to its profile on Crunchbase, it provides these services among others: “flight bookings, online hotel reservations, holidays & package tours, car rentals, train ticket booking, bus tickets, cruises & more.”

It is their purpose to sift through fares on big-name to budget airlines and they accommodate travel tours and vacations in India and abroad. Basically, the website has a travel meta search engine where you are able to book a desired service which representations of travel providers either online or offline. It indicates on its About Us section that it is “real-time,” you immediately get your search and confirmation results from a continually updating inventory. CEO Reviews CEO Neelu Singh

They’re also the first of their kind to open, a ticket portal for their Hindi-speaking users. The CEO of is Mr. Neelu Singh. In September 2015, Ms. Singh was conferred recognition under ‘Empowered Women in Indian Tourism.”

What are People Saying about it?

However fascinating their origins are, we are also captivated by the Ezeegoreviews available. We’re curious to see how people online had received them and since Ezeego is essentially interesting, we find a mix of good and bad Ezeegoeviews.

Some with no complaints were delighted with their overall service and customer support. In some instances, a reviewer recounts his refunding request which after some time was eventually granted, he said that he would still trust Ezeego as they promptly fixed the situation.

On other Ezeego reviews, their customer service comes under fire and they are called “unresponsive” and “poor,” yet these are separate counts of experience whereas the entirety of their service is usuallly given 4 stars out of 5. Ezeego takes care of their customers and efficiently carry out their tasks.

Going to their Website website ReviewsTheir site introduces them as “India’s biggest online travel bazaar” and from the looks of it, they are multi-storied and vastly interesting.  Visiting their website is an interesting experience, it’s very colourful and even the icons are unique. I especially liked the round icons at the top, like a rainbow in an otherwise plain-looking website. It’s great to hold your attention and easily navigable.

Some advertisements are featured here and they have perfectly arranged their content, you’re sure not to miss out on anything. Their blog articles are well-written and keep up with the interesting pace of their entire website and service. Online, by scrolling up and down the page, you can see the top destinations and hotels, the best holidays and flights and even the most frequented bus routes. The kind of impression that we get from learning about Ezeego and Ezeego reviews is reflected when we are on their website, there’s a lot to digest but we skim through the content to get inspired and encouraged to begin planning on our own.

Here is a link to their FAQs page for a better resource on the company’s policies. For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +91 22 6730 9400
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 91 22 2605 3145
  • Head Office Address: Classique Center, 4th Floor, 26 Mahal Industrial Estate, Off. 400093,, Mahakali Caves Rd, Maharashtra, India

An Interesting Service Made Available

We find Ezeego’s website to be incredibly interesting especially after reading through its unique qualities and features. They have a good lineup of Ezeego reviews that tell us that they are competent and reliable. Little problems other than common ones are shown and it’s best to go with them considering they have the promise of delivering.

If you have anything else to add to this review, feel free to leave a comment below.


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    I think this site is a little conmfusing but it has its COOL points! Torn between believing the good or the bad as their site’s a little informal.

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