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Farebuzz Review

Farebuzz Review
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Farebuzz Review

Farebuzz President logo Review

All travel websites and providers have their own thing, otherwise they wouldn’t survive the business jungle. Businesses have competitors and one thing that they look out for are the needs and wants of their customers and potential clients and how they can capitalise this into something which is all their own.

See in this Farebuzz review how this company manipulates their goals and meets the expectations of their customers. All websites have their own features, this is a necessity of an online presence. It’s a matter, in this Farebuzz review, of whether or not they deliver the functions expected from any one of their kind.

How the Buzz Started

Farebuzz is a travel provider which was founded in New York City, United States of America in 1994. Its President and CEO is Arnold Walter. He has a Bachelor’s in Business from St. Xavier’s. He’s also been with Farebuzz since October 1998 until the present.

Farebuzz President CEO Review

Farebuzz CEO Arnold Walter has been with the company since October 1998.

On your part, Farebuzz negotiates the best deals for hotels, cars, airfare and vacation packages so that you’ll receive only the most competitive prices. They promise as much as 60% off on these services. Moreover, the travel company focuses on business travellers, aiding them with their frequent flying. They’ll have discounts on their bookings, their tickets and can set up corporate accounts.

According to this Farebuzz review, the following set the apart from similar travel providers: Product and Service Guarantee, Price Meet or Beat Policy, Dedicated Travel Professionals and Live Customer Support. Let’s look more into them in this Farebuzz review,

People’s Comments about It

Even strong-looking travel services have their pitfalls. Some customers, albeit only a small number of them, have had negative experiences with the company. They mostly complain about computing errors which lead to having an overcharge or other operational glitches which convinced them to seek elsewhere.

As expected, all travel providers will face these instances and Farebuzz is no exception. Most people online are curious about it. Further research will result in discoveries about separate counts of mishaps such as wrong, misplaced bookings and disappointing arrangements. These refer to the bad conditions which Farebuzz customers find themselves in: seedy hotels, dirty rooms and no airplane seats.

Some reported that they had become irate simply with damage control. Getting through to their call centres, they also find miscommunication issues and language barriers with agents to compound their initial problems. As we see in this Farebuzz review, though these events are not excessive, they still mar Farebuzz’s reputation to a certain degree.

A Look at their Website

Landing on their website, you’ll immediately feel that the site is professional. Trusting them will be easy. Everything’s neat and organised, but these also make it rather overwhelming. For one, text blocks run long. This is generally a positive reflection on their company but browsing through it may take some time. This is not a problem though if you like to be presented with the proper information before making a decision. In fact, their lengthy sections make their site all the more unique and attractive.

From their home page, you can book flight, hotel, car and vacation services. They also invite you to stay updated through their regular newsletter. You’ll find promo codes on their site which you can use to score cheaper deals. Their site pages feature customer reviews and customer approval ratings. An extensive City Guide is available here.

Farebuzz President main site ReviewFarebuzz President site 2 Review

At the bottom left are links to search pages of cheap flights, business and first class flights, premium economy, international and last minute flights. You can stay connected with Farebuzz on various social media channels. Furthermore, they boast of 24/7 customer support.

As we saw in this Farebuzz review, they specialise in business discounts. Buzz Rewards Program is designed especially to benefit their loyal business travellers. A business class flight earns you 25 points or $25 which they could redeem at retailers and other travel outlets across the United States of America. More and more discounts and benefits await one as they fly more and more often using

Dealing with Farebuzz has posed some problems. They had been helpful in the past, but they’ll need to be more aggressive winning over their customers through their support team. Their Buzz Rewards Program is not without fault. Group bookings, like most other bookings with any other provider, can sometimes fail. This is a test for the company, yet Farebuzz could need a better reputation in this aspect. For one, they could fix how they appear to the masses, because they look ambivalent and unresponsive based from some reviews.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 212-391-2313; Toll Free  888-808-4123
  • Fax Number: 212-478-0337
  • Head Office Address: 135 W 50th St, New York, NY 10020, United States

In a Nutshell

This Farebuzz review started out with a promising preview of a distinct company. Based on their official website, you’d really be impressed with their content. Its appearance is clear and convincing.

Their special offers for business travellers make it a great way to cut back on expenditures. They’ve got great programs that will help you. It has negative reviews though. These are not so plenty, and in the end, you’ll still feel secure that you nailed that good travel deal with

Farebuzz President promo code Review

That’s what we have about it in this Farebuzz review. Do you agree with our points? Feel free to keep us informed.


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