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FareCompare Review

FareCompare Review
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Technology pushed us towards a time when we are free to look up and compare prices of airlines and tickets online. That’s the convenience of using an online travel agency: they speed up the process and provide you with never-before-seen alternatives that are hard to come across from other sources.

Some sites value other things over another. In this FareCompare review, let’s take a look at the strong agenda of a technological leader that accesses millions of sources on a daily bases to give you, the customer, exactly what you are looking for.

FareCompare logo Review

The Dawn of a Website

FareCompare L.P. is a company that offers assistance in air travel planning, acquisition of tickets and airfare and travelling advice. Its website is a resource for comparing flight airfares from all over the world in real time, focusing on providing their users with the current lowest prices available using various data sources.

This agency was founded in 2004 with Rick Seaney as its presiding CEO and Graeme Wallace as its CTO. It originated from XXI Technologies which had found ways of making the large database it had found accessible and searchable. This in turn, lead to its being reestablished as FareCompare, which essentially is a search engine for looking up your ideal prices using the technology that the original company had perfected. It is the world’s largest database of historic and current airfares.

CEO Rick Seaney was previously affiliated with Interactive Network Technologies and for three years with ExxonMobil. He was educated at Stephen F. Austin State University with a BS Computer Science, Mathematics. He also writes a weekly column for In his close approach to maintaining his business and his other activities, he has a dedicated, familiar image of a techie committed to providing the best services possible. He has a good public image as a capable and credible leader.

FareCompare CEO Review

CEO and Co-founder Rick Seaney, the techie behind FareCompare

We’ll see the company’s innovative practices. FareCompare has been criticised by airlines who noticed that it advises when customers should purchase tickets. In this way, the higher-priced tickets are avoided. However, FareCompare data remain a source for several news and travel programmes.

The Company’s Main Product

This FareCompare review will focus on the company’s main product: its website. It does have stupendous deals on it, yet it takes a while to load each page. They don’t focus that much on the content; most times, you’ll only see abbreviations and generally, the site will tend to leave a visitor confused.

FareCompare site Review

It is easy, however, to use and find flights online using the Search link. Since, the site is a way for customers to get the best deals, it features regular blogs, travel news, tips & advice and a dashboard of today’s deals.The blog articles are excellent: covering articles about travel, travelling tips and guides. Their flight search tools operate much in the same way, this time listing how-tos and other information-laden travel lists seen only on their site. The FareCompare website uses a blog format even on their Frequent Flyers Section in which an article is dedicated to each programme FAQ. On their airfare search engine, check out the lowest ticket prices. On their Deals link is a list of updated deals from several airlines.

They regularly update their feeds and discovering this site is like entering a minefield of travel possibilities. They certainly have a different approach to doing things which wins them recognition every time. For example:

The FareCompare website has been nominated three times in a row as World’s Best Leading Flight Comparison Website since 2013.

Comparing Customers’ Comments

The site has been under fire for its main objective of offering real-time prices. Sometimes, the fares are not up-to-date or difficult to find. The fares, as some say, can be problematic, at times unavailable, despite actual changes. Customers claim that the information that they provide aren’t very helpful. They then move on to other sites where they can actually book a flight and not just see a published price.

Using the website is another source of confusion for them and they often comment that they’d need assistance from an expert to properly navigate it. This site, they say, is “not for everyone.”

Their business concept is attractive, yet most people online will debate about what “lowest published fares” means. Other times, talking to a customer service representative is an issue.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 877 477 7441
  • Head Office Address: FareCompare LP, 18111 Preston Road, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75252


In  this FareCompare review, we see that the site’s straightforwardness reflects its aim of providing users with the cheapest, most lucrative airfare deals in the market. However, the site should capitalise more on the low prices which they offer. Even if they do have a lot of features about these topics, they’re generally scattered throughout different links in the site and the website simply looks weak. If they would, they could rearrange the contents of their website and create an improved site design.

The numerous blogs are a welcome element. It is a good read if you want information about good deals presented in a certain way. Visiting the site will give you what you are looking for if you know how to look for it.

FareCompare media Review

After reading this FareCompare review, tell us what you think about the site, based too on how we saw it. Will you consider visiting


FareCompare Review The Flights Watcher Guy



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