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Fiji Airways Review

Fiji Airways Review
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Flying is like soaring, but different. Flying using an airplane is what most humans associate with flying, aside from the flight of birds. They see in it as an opportunity to change from an earthbound creature to one who has mastered the skies.

Expanding one’s horizons is one way to see flight. It essentially teaches one to look at the world through a different vantage point and to take into account that despite the variety of our origins, we are all human beings.

Origins of Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways was founded in 1947 by Harold Gatty and then re-established as Fiji Airways in 1951. Nadi International Airport and Nausori International Airport are its main and secondary hubs, respectively. The airline currently has a fleet size of 8.

Its CEO, taking effect on October 1, 2015, is Andre Viljoen. He was born in South Africa and was CEO of Air Mauritius for 10 years. During his previous stint as CEO of South African Airways and later at Mauritius’ national airline, Viljoen had implemented plans that made each airline have an improved Skytrax 4 star rating and a consequent award for them as leading airlines.


fiji ceo

Andre Viljoen, experienced CEO with  a lot to bring to the table at Fiji Airways








Fiji Airways’ Official Website at a Glance

When you visit their website, you’ll immediately be greeted by images of popular tourist attractions all over the world. This is a wonderful introduction to any website, however the overall design looks a little weak considering the airline’s role as one of Fiji’s flag carriers.

You can book your flight and check its status online. For checking in online, follow this link. The entertainment system includes 550 audio CDS, games and access to Hollywood and Bollywood movies. One strong feature is its Inspiration tab at the upper-middle portion of the website which lists interesting travel-related topics such as Fishing, History, Surf and Dive and Wedding.

Fiji class

A look into Fiji Airways’ Business Class entertainment system

The site contains information on airfares, which are relatively low. Some of the special assistance that they offer are for incapacitated passengers, the elderly, expectant mothers, unaccompanied minors and those who are very young. Also to be seen online are travel guides and hotel and resort packages on its Special Offers link. In this link, you can see the details on its Frequent Flyer programme in which Fiji Airways is a partner to Qantas Airways Frequent Flyer, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and American Airlines AAdvantage. In all three of these, Business class fliers get a 25% bonus and in all cases, one collects points as they fly with certain Fiji Airways flights.

Customer Comments

Some say that Fiji Airways only needs a bit of “tweaking” and it would be one of the best regional carriers out there. One noticeable thing about it is its apparent punctuality: passengers usually have little downtime and much less lines to wait in, which is a definite achievement for any airline.

They see in it a great deal of improvement and a generally friendly and patient staff on board. Not to mention the neatness of the plane’s interiors and the great deal it is for your money. The food has been described as great, too, with comfortable accommodations.

fiji staff

Despite the existence of other more critical comments, these reviewers mention that they would gladly use Fiji Airways again.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +679 672 0888
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +679 6 720 512
  • Head Office Address:PO Box 9266, Nasoso Road, Nadi Airport, Suva, Fiji

In Conclusion

Fiji Airways has had a colourful history and with a new CEO at its helm, has a promising future ahead of it, It has a relatively great website and certain inflight features which prove attractive to fliers. Its services are great, especially the fact that it has shorter lines wherein one has to wait. In other airlines, this is a particular problem.

Their customer service is also noteworthy and overall, considering the reviews one sees online, the airline can take advantage of the additions to their team and take off from there.

Fiji Airways Review The Flights Watcher Guy
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