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Published on December 9th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy

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Rate this post Reviews logo ReviewsWhat would be the criteria for something to be your “first choice?” It has to surpass the rest in quality of service and has to catch your attention. You’d have to choose it over others, singling it out and trusting that it will prove you made the right decision. Such are the necessary things for something to achieve this status.

In the reviews that follow, we see something about  that can help in determining if they are on par with their name.

Its Origins and Ownership has all-inclusive packages, each consisting of “flights, accommodation, transfers, three meals a day and local drinks.” With the rest of your vacation’s amenities and locations, they’ve got you covered no matter where you are coming from: if you need a more cost-effective place or somewhere family-oriented. Their travel guides or blog articles and their social media activities are here to help you formulate the perfect trip.

Their mobile app, MyFirstChoice app, contains various, important information about the company’s associated hotels and resorts. They were also the mobile app Reviews“Best Large All Inclusive Holiday Company” at the British Travel Awards and are ranked by 94% of people online to be “good” or “excellent.”

First Impressions

We can see from the number of reviews made available online, that their service isn’t perfect, despite having a promising, well-meaning website. It is not a matter of disregard when they mess up someone’s vacation, especially an important variant such as a honeymoon, but they have on certain occasion delivered less than satisfactory results when arranging their customers’ reservations.

They do not consider their clients’ specific and communicated requests and simply give the wrong kind of room, most probably a result of misrepresentation on their website or through a human error.

Customer service is another concern, among every customer who raises a problem. reviews could be more positive if they knew how to handle the damage that they had caused.

Their Website

Their website’s in pink and teal green and has a softened appearance that maintains a look of freshness. It is also gender-neutral and has some interesting images in it that show people in varying states of vacation relaxation or engaged in one or another activity. website ReviewsThe design can be said to be effective, everything is included in a large middle panel with white blankness to either side. Gathered all in the middle are a patchwork of little squares and rectangles of pictures or text blocks and holiday recommendations among others.

The first thing you’ll see would be its search engine in green, it looks a little delicate so it’ll take time and experience to see if if the system actually works. Online, you can book, book car rentals, manage your booking, check in and select your seat to make the most of your booking experience. The website shows top hotels and resorts in list form or in tiles.

It is actually reasonably organised. They are grouped as people might need them or grouped accordingly together for better easier browsing. Many people would appreciate this and so would reviews.

For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here. Meanwhile, click here to check out their Holiday Extras that have additional information about things from before, during your flight and your holiday.

Contact information

In Conclusion

I think that this company, based on these reviews, is like a double-edged sword. First, they show a decent-looking website and then reviews show in turn their appaling services.

It seems that they had retired from quality by the time their website was up and failed to care sincerely about maintaining their customers’ loyalty. I don’t think that this could be anyone’s first choice and like some reviewers, recommend you to go elsewhere.

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  1. Ally Perez says:

    How horrendous they mix things up, they should really get a grip, nobody wants to be treated this way. And that’s irregardless of how your website looks.

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