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Published on September 30th, 2015 | by The Flights Watcher Guy


Fly Review

Fly Review
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Fly Review

Fly logo Review

Whether or not some websites are received in a certain way by the public and the customer depends on the latter’s actual experience with it. This can run from satisfaction to disappointment and many more in between. What different websites have to offer to people make them an important part of travel.

We’ll see in this Fly review, whether the American search engine is living up to its goals and vision. Despite a lack of online comments, we hope that this Fly review will illuminate you with important details about the site that make it worth the visit.

How and Where it Started Flying

Fly is a travel meta-search engine where you can find information about flight airfares. It promises to save you time and money by searching several websites at the same time and giving you the lowest fares in return. It leads you directly to the airline’s main website where you can book, it doesn’t offer booking services on its own. has its headquarters at San Franciso, California. It was founded on February 8, 2009. Its parent company is Travelzoo. Warren Chang is its current Director of Product, Vice President and General Manager. Some of Chang’s skills, according to his LinkedIn account are online advertising, product development, mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

Fly General Manager Review

Warren Chang, General Manager of

Comments from its Customers

There are almost no reviews, negative or positive, about online. As we see in this Fly review, they highly value the cleanliness of their website. It certainly helps in giving them a sense of credibility. When you’re on their page, you’re bound to be impressed with its design’s efficiency.

Looking for flights with them is one step towards getting what you want. Since it’s pretty simple, all the factors that make it up contribute to its overall effect on people. It’s got a relatively organised and professional look which will win over the trust of some. We can only wait to see what other people will have to say about its actual performance.

The Website

According to this Fly review, they really do have a clean, simple layout on their official website. You can look for today’s best fares, deals, hotels and car rentals online using their search engine. With it, you can compare the deals of more than 400 airlines and travel websites.

Fly site Review

Today’s Best Fares allows you to look for the cheapest round trip flights over the next 90 days. With Fare Calendar, you can search for the cheapest days to fly. For a list of their FAQ, open this link.

They’ll also alert you of cheaper ways to travel to and from the airport and scour for better prices on available travel packages for you. They also have their own blog where they feature the best deals and vacations. Furthermore, you can view cheap flights to anywhere around the world.

As we see in this Fly review, their website is easily navigable. You’ll get what you’re looking for here. Whether or not you actually build the trust later on is a different matter. But as a meta search engine, they come up with great results and good prices for their customers.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Head Office Address: 590 Madison Avenue, 37 FL, New York, New York 10022


Fly site 2 Review

This Fly review saw that the website has little comments about it online. You don’t really need to rely on those in this case. has its strong points and it is an effective way to actively search out flights suited for you.

The clean website reflects this professionalism. Based on it alone, is worth a try to see if they are effective for you.

What do you think of this Fly review? Would you want to fly from


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