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Fodors Review

Fodors Review
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Fodor’s Review

Fodor's logo Review

Online travel websites are there primarily to help us save: save on time, effort and costs. You’ll find everything online all in one go and the best of them keep on being on top of your bucket list when it comes to travel. One hallmark of their success is if they are able to gain your trust most especially after you have used their services.

Some travel websites are invaluable sources of information for travellers. This Fodor’s review looks at a website that is worth visiting for its content. If you want to know more about places, look no further than this Fodor’s review to see if this travel website is perfect for you.

From Where it Came From

Fodor’s was founded by avid traveller Eugene Fodor. Dissatisfied by the kind of travel information he was seeing, he decided to create his own material. His books were then published by David McKay Company which in turn was sold to Random House.

In 1996, travel website Fodor’ was created. Its publisher is Amanda D’Acierno. She studied at the University of Houston and has a BA in English Literature and Art History from 1990-1994. Fodor’s has more than 700 researchers in various destinations writing for their readers.

Fodor's Publisher Review

Amanda D’Acierno, publisher of Fodor’s

What People are Saying

We see in this Fodor’s review that there are little to no negative reviews about Fodor’ You’ll mostly come up with links to other of the website’s links, there are also few positive reviews about it online.

The issue is the content that they come up with. They’ve got a great, strong team covering all parts of the world. Their website makes for a good visit if information and detail are what you are looking for. They have a steady supply of fresh topics that never fail to attract anyone who finds a nice image. You’re just left simply in amazement at the kind of quality that they have.

Fodor’ Website

As we see in this Fodor’s review, their website gives off the impression that it’s really packed with information. The text is small and they took care to come up with unique, original images to accompany them. It seems very well thought out but let’s see in this Fodor’s review if they are on the right track.

Fodor's website Review

The sections include Find your Perfect Trip, Latest News and Features and Our Fall Picks, which is more seasonal. You can also enter their forum where you can ask the ‘Fodorites’ for suggestions and advice.

If you prefer looking through all this content on your smartphone, simply download their app and their ebooks. Fodor’s also comes up with books and travel guidebooks. Reading it this way may be entirely different and whichever you prefer will depend on you.

Fodor's mobile app Review

Fodor's book Review

Their travel website is incredibly well-written though, there is little negativity to say about it. Eugene Fodor, however, wanted something more lighthearted for his company. The current Fodor’ is extremely professional, well-made and impressive. A link to their Twitter channel for more information and updates is found here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
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  • Head Office Address: 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, United States

Last Words

This Fodor’s review saw that the website has a lot going on for it. Based on content alone, it is worth a visit. It can be accessed any which way. Having a tremendous resource at your fingertips makes it even more valuable. If you find that you want to know more about any country — from Barcelona, Grand Canyon to Prague — then go and take a look at this wonderful travel website.

After reading this Fodor’s review, do you agree and recommend Fodor’ to others? Share your experience here.


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