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Friendly Planet Reviews

Friendly Planet Reviews
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Friendly Planet Reviews

Getting on friendly terms with the planet, being friends with the world’s culture and fully immersing yourself into a place is what Friendly Planet is all about. Trust them to come up with the best ways for you and your entourage to navigate a foreign city with utmost ease, comfort and preparation.

It all begins with their website and we see from Friendly Planet reviews how they fare as a company. Do they really make the world seem friendly or does this travel with them equate to run-of-the-mill travel?

Getting to Know them

Friendly Planet is a tour operator composed of a team of travel lovers eager to share their expertise to customers. It provides international tours to Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, the South Pacific and Cuba.

Friendly Planet Co-Founder President Reviews

Friendly Planet Co-Founder and President Peggy Goldman

The company’s co-ownership is to Peggy Goldman who also manages it, along with her husband Ilan Fink. She is Friendly Planet’s Founder and President who maintains their site’s official blog to be seen here.

The online travel company has been running for 30 dedicated years, having been originally founded in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States as Great Touring Adventures, changing its name to “Friendly Planet” in 1995. Its headquarters are in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Their staff want your trip to run the way that they themselves want to see it. They consider all the details behind travel: reservations, booking accommodation, leisure and activities and attractions. They also offer people the opportunity to give help the less fortunate in certain areas where people are in need to round out a holistic travel experience.

Befriending their Reviewers

We can see from their website that they are easy to use, most Friendly Planet reviews say that they would use them again.

Problems arose with the actual tour, they sometimes got “bait and switch,” being referred to a third-party company with little downtime. Other times, the whole package — such as including airport pick-up never occurred. Eventually, this person’s trip went downhill from there: missing meetings and having the wrong ordered meals served.

To ascertain that these Friendly Planet reviews come from one particular customer experience is bad enough. The rest have simpler issues but it’s good to know from other Friendly Planet reviews that their end apologise and seek amends.

A Look at their Website

Their blog, kept by the management, contains some beautiful pieces on travel laid out in a way easy to the eye and equally easy to digest, not being very long and everything in their blog is vastly interesting.

There’s nothing new to see from their website, they show the usual travel photographs. You can choose your travel style from among their website’s Friendly Planet banner option Reviewschoices: small group tours, independent packages and custom and group travel and further click on various links about culture, family or festivals among others which enliven the content with their breadth of information.

Here is a link to their FAQs page. Other than these features, their website is colourful and appealing enough while showing the most valuable data from their homepage alone. Clicking at the links at the bottom will lead you to pages filled with tour options for small groups. You can also have access to a subscription to the latest hot deals.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 800-555-5765
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 215-572-9803
  • Head Office Address; 500 Old York Rd #200, Jenkintown, PA 19046, United States

Interesting and Homely Ambiance

Friendly Planet staff ReviewsTheir Friendly Planet reviews are interesting looks at a service that looks promising. No matter what happens, their end manages to keep professional and acknowledge their mistakes. This can eventually win some good Friendly Planet reviews but in their case, you don’t need to excessively trust reviews as they deliver well on their own.

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