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Great Lakes Airlines Reviews

Great Lakes Airlines Reviews
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Great Lakes Airlines Reviews

Great Lakes logo ReviewsGreatness is attained, it is something you climb uphill for and fight for, There are great airlines and there are mediocre ones. The trick is to weed out the good from the bad in time before it is too late, before you become really frustrated.

This Great Lakes Airlines review tackles the comments given by Great Lakes Airlines’ passengers who had experienced the airline firsthand. The honesty revealed in their testimonies is the backbone of the existent Great Lakes Airlines reviews which we thereby use.

A Briefing on their Background

The co-founders behind Great Lakes Airlines are Doug Voss and Ivan Simpson whose airline commenced in 1977. Headquartered at Cheyenne, Wyoming, the airline has bases throughout the country. It has a fleet size of 28 flying to 21 destinations. Its CEO is Mr. Charles “Chuck” Howell.

Some Great Lakes Airlines reviews discuss how great in general the airline is. On the other hand, other Great Lakes Airlines reviews are negative, citing the uncomfortable interiors or customer service. Reaching them poses problems and they do not seem to know how to handle certain situations. Great Lakes cabin crew ReviewsApproaching them is usually due to a cancellation and a subsequent refund, with which Great Lakes Airlines stands aloof, unyielding and a turn-off.

Their Official Website

Their site begins with their logo which for some reason reminds one of an open mouth. You can’t help but appreciate the formality and attention to detail that their crew put into  making their website.  A profusion of deep blues, rich reds and calming greys, the website communicates professionalism, best seen when actually using oneself and putting into practice.

From their homepage, you can book a flight and check your flight information. The rest of the content vary in importance. It can be said that they are highly selective in the categories on their page. They are evidently highly organised and we can safely assume that this manner communicated to their actual performance as airplanes and airlines.

Once you visit their magazine site called Peaks & Plains at, you’ll be taken into an entirely different atmosphere compared to the website proper. The format changed radically, the ambiance too. Since this online magazine is a product of the airline and not a close service, it has to represent the information in it in a certain way and this it does through highly engrossing photography and genre-bending articles all within arms’ reach in flight. You can opt to take the magazine with you if you please.

Links to various sections of their customer service are here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 307 432 70 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +1 307 432 70 01
  • Head Office Address: 1022 Airport Parkway, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001, USA

Could Use Improvement

Great Lakes airplane ReviewsGreat Lakes could be better, there’s not much you can do about their website which is fine as it is. What they could improve on is their image, they seem to rest on their laurels and only passingly consider authentic Great Lakes reviews. With this airline, we can only wait for more good Great Lakes reviews.

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Great Lakes Airlines Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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2 Responses to Great Lakes Airlines Reviews

  1. Mary says:

    I love how professional they are. I think that tehy’re really interesting and I’m sure that all your nice reviews are true to scale. In this case, it begins with their website and performance trickles down to service.

  2. Timothy 90 says:

    Yeah, I think they are polished too but they seem a bit off-putting to some. They could only work to improve other aspects and they’re good to go. Since they’ve got everything else going on for them.

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