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Hainan Airlines Reviews

Hainan Airlines Reviews
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Hainan Airlines Reviews

“Me” time allows us to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate, the best way to do this is traveling! Traveling is the antidote for lacking empathy and being insular. Go ahead and grab the cheapest fare and pursue the vacation of your dreams! This is made possible by Hainan Airlines, the company that cares.


Established October, 1989 as Hainan Province Airlines then was later on renamed as Hainan Airlines January, 1993. It started operation on May 2, 1993. The company overtook Chang’ an as the 4th largest airline in China by 2003. The headquarters is located in Haikou, China

You Ought To Know

With China being considered as the cradle of civilization ranking number one as the most populated country in the world, the Hainan Airlines have taken over all the others within their birth country. It is rated five star by Skytrax.

What To Love About Hainan


The flights given by the company are cheaper than the rest, at least by about 20 percent, which is a lot especially if you have to plan a vacation for your family and you do not want to waste a lot of your hard earned cash on the airfare portion. Money being the greatest asset and problem of our century, the discount offers and coupons of the company are understandably famous and the deals offered on the flights are very popular among those who know about them.


In the Airline’s Review their staff is described as customer friendly, efficient and they have excellent service.They have very few negative comments mostly about a ‘language barrier’. The staff  doesn’t  know much English. One good point though, is that the company is open to criticism and the company’s progress throughout the course of history seems to reflect this. Thus, any criticisms that appear are sure to be corrected in the coming years.


They boast their traditional Chinese dishes prepared by the awesome chefs.

Hainan Airlines Food Reviews








Wi-Fi is considered one of their best attractions for the internet driven generation of today.


Make flying and  the vacation of your dreams memorable. Fly with one of the best airlines in the world, Hainan Airlines! We hope you enjoyed these Hainan Airlines Reviews and check out more of our online travel agency reviews!


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