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Imagineair Reviews

Imagineair Reviews
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Imagineair Reviews

Imagineair logo ReviewsImagineiar sounds like a young airline and this is based on the age of two of its founders who were very young when they ventured in the airline business. The foundling airline then expanded in territory and services until it was ripe that a few Imagineair reviews award it with a perfect score on review sites. Let’s see in this Imagineair review if after everything, they really deserve their 5 stars.

Its History

Imagineair is an air tax service with its headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia. It is a founding member of the Air Taxi Association (ATXA). It flies to more than 900 destinations in Southern and Eastern American.

Imagineair President CEO Reviews

Imagineair’s Benjamin Hamilton

Their company slogan sums them up: Affordable Personal Air Taxi. Starting out its headquarters at Georgia, they expanded adding variety and number to their fleet and setting up bases in North and South Carolina. Its March 2014 merging with  Danbury, Connecticut-based operator Kavoo opened the airline to the United States’ east coast.

Benjamin Hamilton is Imagineair’s President and CEO who also co-founded the airline. with Aaron Sohacki when they were 21 and 19 years old respectively. Paul Fischer completes the co-founders who all started the airline in November 2005.

Within Hamilton’s tenure, he had lead the company to a 30% expansion growth. He has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and a further M.B.A from Emory University. He holds a license as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor certificate.

Comments from People

Imagineair reviews get a rating of 5 stars on because they only have one review. The reviewer, Sterling L. says that his family had a great time and that he’d recommend the airline to other people.

Other Imagineair reviews loved the features of the airplane. Imagineair’s aircraft technology impressed the passengers; these developments were for everyone’s safety: a whole aircraft parachute for emergency landings while they also surpassed others with all their staff’s friendliness.

Another American this time says, “The planes, Cirrus SR-22s are like riding in a Lexus I’d say.” Needless to say, they constantly outdo themselves in spite of a weird website. People online are attracted to the buzz around it, and they freely share their positive Imagineair reviews online so that others can be encouraged to flight too.

Their Website

Imagineair website ReviewsTheir website seems a bit blase, they have odd images decorating their website that only make it look unprofessional. The colour scheme is not very enticing, it’s a dull grey and a dark blue that can make you feel sleepy. Their photographs are a little awkward but they correspond directly to the text around it.

Once you look closer at their website, you’ll appreciate more. Your initial impression of their colour wheel will be set aside by its sheer functionality. This is what happens when you spend more time on their page. You can book your trip online and check on their latest travel deals and offers with the same ease you’d expect from its simplicity.

Other than that, the site’s features such as its search engine and its tabs are creatively displayed. They’re also well-organised. You’ll find what you are searching for in no time.

For more information, offers and updates about Imagineair, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1 (877) 359-4242
  • Head Office Address; 460 Briscoe Blvd. Suite 210, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

See for Yourself

Imagineair airplanes ReviewsThis Imagineair review is an insight into the workings of the airline. I had a great time while I was on their page but only relatively so. They could make their website look better but other than that, they already have an inescapable presence of great Imagineair reviews.

If you have anything more to add to this Imagineair review, please leave a comment below.


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