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Jetairfly Reviews

Jetairfly Reviews
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Jetairfly Reviews

jeta logoFlying an airplane usually feels like an exhilarating experience. The amount of time and effort you put into securing your seat is sequestered into that liberating moment of take off and you’re sure to appreciate all the conveniences that flight has brought those who enjoy it.

Jetairfly reviews look at the Belgian airline’s basic services and how efficient they are at living up to their own initiatives and maintaining their status in aviation.

More about its Beginnings

Jetairfly CEO Reviews

JetAirflyCEO Elie Bruyninkc

Originating from Belgium, Jetairfly is officially known as TUI Airlines Belgium when  it was created in 2003 and started using its new name in November 2005. It commenced its operations with 5 aircraft. It has its headquarters at Ostend, Belgium and its base at Brussels Airport. Jetairfly began with charter flights and by March 2012 graduated to a fully scheduled airline.

Its CEO’s names is Elie Bruyninckx. Born in Vilvoorde, Belgium, he pursued Electromechanical Engineering, Business Administration, specialising in Accounting and Auditing.

In 2014, Jetairfly swept up two awards at Brussel Airport Aviation Awards. Its CEO Elie Bruyninckx won the “Diamond Award” or the “Man of the Year Award” for his outstanding contributions to the industry and the airline also won the “Environment Award” this time for its efforts in green advocacies and for innovating landing procedures at the Brussels Airport.

What people are saying

As reflecting from their website, their prices on board are reasonable, and everything else inside the plane is in fantastic condition. Their customer service, one review says in one of the Jetairfly reviews, is one of the best in any airline. Their food was satisfactory and other people commented that their inexpensiveness was noteworthy, mentioning this to a Jetairfly inquirer. People online were happy in their Jetairfly reviews about the amenities and other smaller airline details.

Let’s Look at their Official Website

Jetairfly website ReviewsOfficial website is extremely organised and looks like a real airline site. A lot of images relating to planes or a map showing destinations using arrows unmistakably point to their site’s atmosphere. It’s also effective at keeping you alert as the bright blues and greens are calming and make you think of an early vacation.

Their initial tabs show options for all the travel-related services and accommodations that you can arrange such as hotels, car hire and you can view promotions and destinations, You can check in online; ticket prices are shown with a comma rather than a period which may be confusing but the rates seem pretty reasonable.

Their company concentrates on helping others, get better or for their own airline’s self-improvement.  They show links for sustainability, Jobs and TUI Fly Academy Brussels. They show cheap parking options for various airports such as Zaventern, Charleroi and Eindhoven. Overall, you can get a lot of information from their website, it’s not only great to look at but it’s lively and efficient enough and quick to use.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +32 2712 9720
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +32 2712 9720
  • Head Office Address: Rintweg Luchthavengebouw 45 8400 Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium

In Conclusion

Jetairfly plane ReviewsOverall, Jetairflyreviews are a preview into the airline. Though split between positive and negative, the most important thing is that the elements that mean the most: cabin, food, crew service, seating are highly praised and that customers are generally and usually satisfied. This airline is definitely recommended to anyone who would want to get a taste of Belgian culture and their attention to going green,

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Jetairfly Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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